Cyberpunk 2077 The Killing Moon: Should You Pick Up Songbird or Call Reed?

After siding with Songbird, you have a choice to make at the end of Cyberpunk 2077’s The Killing Moon mission, and it can prove fatal.

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Songbird has been through a lot, and she’s about to make it towards the finish line in Cyberpunk 2077. At the end of The Killing Moon mission, Songbird informs you that there’s only one cure, but the other person won’t be able to accept it, condemning the person who can’t get it to death. Between the two of you, Songbird chose herself.

She’s relatively beaten up at this point, and she’s about to give out. You have a choice to make where you can prioritize picking her up and carrying her, or you can call Reed, who has been on the hunt for you two. Should you pick up Songbird or call Reed in Cyberpunk 2077’s The Killing Moon?

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What Happens When You Pick Up Songbird in The Killing Moon?

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Choosing to carry Songbird to the shuttle will have your Cyberpunk 2077 character reaching over to the seat, holding her, and bringing her toward the shuttle. However, before they reach the end, Reed will appear coming out of the door, and you’ll have to face off against him. He’ll order you to put her down, and there’s an option where you can pick to holster your weapon, handing her over to Reed, or you can choose to protect her.

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When you give her over to Reed, he agrees to hand you a cure, and he takes Songbird with him, giving the two the chance to win. Handing Songbird over does end your Phantom Liberty playthrough, and she’ll survive by going with Reed, but she’ll be in the hands of the New United States, and your character scores a cure for the Relic in Cyberpunk 2077.

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The alternative to this is defying Reed, giving you the chance to face off against him to bring Songbird to the shuttle. The two of you will have a quick pistol showdown, and when you kill Reed, you can make sure Songbird makes it onto the shuttle. However, this route cuts all ties to the New United States. Your original deal won’t hold up anymore, not with Reed dead. Unfortunately, going through all the options, by not giving Songbird to Reed, you’re not left with no choice but to kill him, regardless of your options.

What Happens When You Call Reed in The Killing Moon?

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The alternative is for your Cyberpunk 2077 character to immediately call Reed before you take Songbird toward the shuttle. When you call Reed, he’ll make a shot at you for choosing to turn your back on her now, after you did it to him. He’ll ask you what price you want to make, and you’ll have to pick between wanting to live or asking for nothing in return.

The choice is similar to making this decision when you’re carrying Songbird to the shuttle in the previous option, except you have the conversation over a holo-comm, and your Cyberpunk 2077 character has already decided to give her up. There’s no choice but to make a deal with Reed to get Songbird on the shuttle and to the Moon. After you agree to Reed’s terms, you’ll walk Songbird to the shuttle where he’s waiting for you, and it plays out as he takes her away, giving you the chance to live, or nothing if you asked for nothing from the New United States.

Is It Better to Pick Up Songbird or Call Reed in Cyberpunk 2077’s The Killing Moon?

When it comes down to it, picking up Songbird and seeing it through to the end feels like the best option. You’ve already made your bed against Reed, and you’ve decided not to give her up, potentially giving Songbird the chance not to be controlled by the New United States. However, this does mean Reed does die, or you might hand Songbird over to him with no hope for a cure for the Relic. Overall, I enjoyed seeing how things played out with Songbird making it to the moon, but if Reed does honor his agreement to you, if you hand her.