Cyberpunk 2077 Treating Symptoms: Should You Punch or Pay to the Supplier in Phantom Liberty

After going through the trouble of finding the supplier in Treating Symptoms, you better make the most of it in Phantom Liberty.

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Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty side quest gig Treating Symptoms throws you into the heart of Voodoo Boys’ turf near the Dogtown stadium. In this assignment handed to you by Mr. Hands, you’ll face off against a horde of killer robots. This showdown ends with a confrontation against Milko Alexis. However, fighting against these robot enemies guarding Milko doesn’t have to be complicated. He might lend a hand in battle if you find the supplier around the area and use your words wisely.

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Phantom Liberty Treating Symptoms: Paying 500 to the Supplier

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Paying up to 500 Eurodollars to the supplier in Treating Symptoms will make him much happier than receiving a punch to the face. He’ll gladly share more information on Milko Alexis, the implants, and the tin cans protecting him. If inquired further, he’ll offer to give a hand to take down the robots. 

Phantom Liberty Treating Symptoms: Punching the Supplier

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Though initially intimidated, the Supplier will understand how dangerous you are after a solid punch. He won’t be super happy to have a broken, bleeding nose, but he’ll be willing to cooperate.

Instead of more information about Milko Alexis, he’ll use his tech knowledge to override some of the robots in the area before the target. This will significantly help relieve some of the heat they all pack, and a helping hand should never be refused, even if it takes a bit of violence to earn it.

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Phantom Liberty Treating Symptoms: What Should You Do With the Supplier?

The outcome will be the same whether you punch or pay the supplier. Poor guy is willing to help you nonetheless. The choice you make here really depends on the type of character you want V to be. If you’re going for a more reckless V, punching the supplier in Treating Symptoms seems a solid idea. However, 500 Eurodollars isn’t much for a bit of info and a helping hand, so this is definitely the better choice.