Dehya’s Special Dish recipe in Genshin Impact — ingredients and how to cook

Let the Goldflame Tajine boost your defense.

Dehya Standing in Lambad's Tavern in Genshin Impact

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One minor yet noteworthy highlight of every new Genshin Impact character is their Special Dish, and the Pyro Flame-Mane Dehya is “bringing in the heat” with the brand-new Goldflame Tajine. Since Dehya serves as the sworn protector of Dunyarzad, it is no surprise that her Special Dish is a Defense-boosting food, bolstering every party member’s Max HP by 30% for five minutes. Not only is this effect useful for a tanky bruiser like Dehya, but HP-scaling characters like Kokomi, Yelan, or Hu Tao will undoubtedly benefit from being served the Goldflame Tajine. Let’s take a look at how to make it.

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How to make Goldflame Tajine in Genshin Impact

Gilded Tajine and Goldflame Tajine Recipe Map Location for Dehya Special Dish in Genshin Impact
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The Dehya’s Special Goldflame Tajine Dish is the alternate version of the Gilded Tajine. The recipe for the Gilded Tajine is not unlocked by default; you must travel to the Aaru Village in the Land of Lower Setekh of Sumeru and speak with a merchant named Azalai. This Shop NPC can be found near a house to the north of the townlet’s Teleport Waypoint. Accordingly, start from the Waypoint and walk through the gate on the right and face north down the hill. You will see Azalai standing next to Sania in front of his store. He will sell the Gilded Tajine Recipe for 5,000 Mora. 

Once you have acquired the Gilded Tajine Recipe in Genshin Impact, you can cook the Dehya’s Special Dish, the Goldflame Tajine, using the following ingredients: Raw Meat × 2, Spice × 1, Onion × 1, and Padisarah × 2. You can buy Raw Meat and Spice directly from Azalai, while Onions are sold by Aoi, Dongsheng, Blanche, and Hamawi. These four are the General Goods and Grocery Shop Owners of Inazuma, Liyue, Mondstat, and Sumeru, respectively. 

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Finding Padisarah to Cook Dehya's Special Dish Goldflame Tajine in Genshin Impact
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The final ingredient of Dehya’s Special Dish in Genshin Impact is Padisarah, a Local Specialty of Sumeru. Padisarah is also a resource needed for Nilou’s Ascension, so be sure to use it sparingly if you plan on ascending her. You can find Padisarah in multiple places across Sumeru, including the non-dream version of Vanarana, The Palace of Alcazarzaray, and Sumeru City. Jut, a Spice Merchant in the Grand Bazaar, also sells five stacks of Padisarah at 1,000 Mora each. Once you have all the ingredients, you can get started on cooking the Goldflame Tajine in Genshin Impact. Remember that using Dehya to make her Special Dish is not guaranteed; for instance, we were finally able to make the meal after our twelfth attempt.