Destiny 2: Season of the Wish Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon Release Date

Destiny 2: Season of the Wish’s Dungeon is Warlord’s Ruin, a mad dash to find treasure hidden away by Calus during the Lightfall campaign.

destiny 2 season of the wish warlords ruin teaser image

Image via Bungie

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Warlord’s Ruin is the second Dungeon for Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion, and it’s landing during Season of the Wish. While details are scarce, the Dungeon will almost certainly see players delve into a secret cache that Calus put aside.

Dungeons are one of the best activities in Destiny 2. They’re packed with puzzles but are far more forgiving in almost every way than Raids. They offer players the best of the toughest and easiest content in the game, with incredible loot on offer for those who manage to complete them. Warlord’s Ruin will be no different, bringing some of the most useful weapons and armor to Destiny 2 for anyone to grind for in the latest adventure.

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When Does the Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon for Destiny 2: Season of the Wish Release?

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The Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon for Destiny 2: Season of the Wish will be released at 9 AM PT/5 PM GMT on December 1, 2023. This will be the last Dungeon of the year for the game and one that players will be grinding loot in for a few months, thanks to the delay of The Final Shape expansion.

Dungeons are one of Destiny 2’s pinnacle activities. Players need the best gear possible to tackle them. Otherwise, their Power Level won’t be enough to tackle the enemies within. Therefore, the gear that players earn from Dungeons puts them at an advantage in every other activity they tackle.

What Will Players Do in the Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon in Destiny 2: Season of the Wish?

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At the time of writing, Bungie hasn’t shared any details about what players will do in the Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon in Destiny 2. However, based on the Dungeon’s name and the fact that we know it’s Lightfall’s second pinnacle activity, there are some assumptions we can make.

First, the name Warlord’s Ruin suggests that this Dungeon will be linked to Calus. This character was one of the main antagonists in Destiny 2: Lightfall, and he’s who players defeat at the climax of that campaign.

Calus is well known to deceive and horde treasure. It’s his entire personality. We could see this Dungeon exploring a hidden treasure cache of Calus’ that gets unearthed while seeking out Riven’s final egg clutch. Players are searching the system for secrets, so it would make sense if a hidden treasure trove was uncovered accidentally.

Of course, Calus wasn’t careless, so the treasure will probably be well-guarded. If that treasure has anything to do with The Witness, it’ll likely also have all sorts of enemies lurking nearby to defend it in case any Guardians get close.