Disney Dreamlight Valley: Wonder of Pixar Star Path Items & Moonstone Costs

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Wonder of Pixar Star Path offers a wealth of animated goodies for players to collect, and here’s every single one.

Disney Dreamlight Valley June Update

Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley has welcomed its fifth update, bringing fans a brand new Star Path filled to the brim with new items from fan-favorite Pixar movies. The content includes themed items from movies like Toy Story, Turning Red, and Inside Out. This guide will share all the Wonder of Pixar Star Path items and the Moonstone costs.

DDV Wonder of Pixar Star Path Items

Players that want to get all the Wonder of Pixar Star Path items need to activate the Premium version of the Star Path, which grants access to all other redeemable items. The standard costs 2,500 Moonstones, while the second choice costs 3,300 but gives players 100 Pixar Balls that can be used to purchase the items. Below are all the items available in the event and how many Pixar Balls they cost.

  • Dory motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Boba and speaker motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Burning Eyes – 15 Pixar Balls
  • Quirky Retro Couch – 30 Pixar Balls
  • All-Terrain Scooter – 30 Pixar Balls
  • Fiery Raven Companion – 50 Pixar Balls
  • Purple flower motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Turning Red Panda motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Inside Out motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Large Aquarium – 20 Pixar Balls
  • The Wave hair – 35 Pixar Balls
  • Circular Embossed Metal Fireplace – 35 Pixar Balls
  • Rainbow crystal motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Octopus motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Upscale Makeup – 15 Pixar Balls
  • Manta Ray Mobile – 30 Pixar Balls
  • Pompadour in the Cloud – 30 Pixar Balls
  • Drop Pillar – 35 Pixar Balls
  • Sea turtle motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Inside Out Character motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Tiki Torch motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Oct-bomber – 35 Pixar Balls
  • Red Panda Pillar – 30 Pixar Balls
  • Blooming Bob – 30 Pixar Balls
  • Otter motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Little girl motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Bing Bong motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Blazing Pixie – 30 Pixar Balls
  • “Friend to Divers” Crop Jacket – 50 Pixar Balls
  • Grinning Red Panda Pillar – 40 Pixar Balls
  • Yawning Red Panda motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Hang loose motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Bing Bong and Joy motif – 10 Pixar Balls
  • Memory Display Partition – 30 Pixar Balls
  • Red Panda Oneise – 30 Pixar Balls
  • Stealthy Space Ranger – 50 Pixar Balls

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Each season of the Star Path also has the option to spend Pixar Balls on Moonstones, including the very last redeemable item, which is a bulk number of Moonstones. These are best to redeem after players have collected all other items.

Moonstone Costs in DDV

Screenshot by Gamepur

Moonstones can be used to activate the Premium Star Path and also to purchase items from the Premium Item Shop. The only ways players earn Moonstones in Disney Dreamlight Valley is either by purchasing or by finding the single blue chest that spawns every day in their valley. Below is a list of the Moonstone prices.

  • 1200 Moonstone Pack – $4.99
  • 2500 Moonstone Pack – $9.99
  • 5500 Moonstone Pack – $19.99
  • 14500 Moonstone Pack – $49.99

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Remember that Moonstones can only be used on the console they were purchased, but items bought with them will be carried over through the cloud save.