Does Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout have cross-play?

It’s everyone against everyone.

Image via Devolver Digital

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout features a battle royale game on a much different scale. Rather than dropping and grabbing supplies to survive, you drop into a game show-like setting where you have to compete against every other person in the game to make it to the finish line. The competition varies depending on the type of game you have to complete, and if you don’t make it to the end, you’re out. Right now, Fall Guys will come to PC on Steam and the PlayStation 4. Will these two feature a cross-play feature so everyone can play together? For many, it seems like an obvious answer to ensure everyone who wants to play together will have that chance. Unfortunately, developer Mediatonic has confirmed it will not be available at launch.

It’s disappointing to hear given the current reception on twitch, where Fall Guys had been the number spot for people to watch during its open beta weekend. While it has fallen since then, the game continues to look extremely promising. It pits various, fun-colored cartoonish players against each in a heated, light-hearted competition to the bitter end.

Mediatonic has assured its players it plans to release a feature like this for the future. It was not something it intended to do immediately. Still, given the positive reception, cross-play appears to be an excellent way for the game to have a lot of longevity with players who want to take a break from the traditional battle royale style of play. Mediatonic did not set a date for the feature, though.