Does Fortnite Festival Give Battle Pass XP?

Fortnite Festival is a separate game mode in Fortnite with its own season pass, but it’s unclear if it gives out Battle Pass XP.

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Fortnite Festival is its game mode within Fortnite similar to Rock Band and Guitar Hero. However, it’s not clear if it gives Battle Pass XP for the main game.

Like many Fortnite modes, the Festival comes with its own awards. We’ll tell you if Fortnite Festival gives Battle Pass XP.

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Can You Get Battle Pass XP From Fortnite Festival?

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Yes, it’s possible to get Battle Pass XP from Fortnite Festival. The only way to do this is to complete the introductory Fortnite Festival quests that require players to play Jam Tracks on the Jam Stage for a specific number of minutes.

There are only a few of these quests, and each one awards an account level to players. Each account level will give players five Battle Pass Stars to use in their Battle Pass. However, once those quests have been completed, there’s no activity in Fortnite Festival that will give players Battle Pass XP.

This is different from LEGO Fortnite, which gives players Battle Pass XP on a daily basis for completing quests and actions in the game mode. The difference is that LEGO Fortnite doesn’t have its own Battle Pass, while Fortnite Festival has the Festival Pass, which is what players should be aiming to earn points towards by playing.

Of course, Epic Games could change this in the future and add in more quests that give players Battle Pass XP for playing Fortnite Festival. We don’t see that happening until the game’s second full season begins since the developer is still probably watching the new mode and examining how players engage with it.

Why Should You Play Fortnite Festival?

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The main reason to play Fortnite Festival consistently is to earn Festival Points for the Festival Pass. This allows players to unlock new cosmetics from the pass for each season. It’s the same reason most people play Fortnite’s battle royale mode regularly because more points mean they get the most for their money when they purchase the Battle Pass.

How Does the Fortnite Festival XP Glitch Work?

If you’ve been around the Fortnite vine for a while, you may have heard of the Fortnite Festival Jam infinite XP glitch. Pulling this glitch off will require a few steps, which we’ll detail down below. You’ll need an alt account or a friend to help.

  • Enter the lobby of a friend or alt account
  • Make sure the friend or alt-account stays in the world
  • Do the quests needed to grant the EXP
  • Leave and rejoin the same game
  • Keep repeating this process and it should grant you tons of free XP

Can You Get Banned For This Glitch?

While it’s unlikely that you’d get banned for using this glitch, we’re not Epic Games, and we can’t say for sure. The most Epic will likely do is put an end to the glitch through a future patch. So you are most likely going to be fine. But if you are worried, then take caution.