Does MultiVersus have cross-progression? Answered

Crossing boundaries.

Image via Warner Bros.

The MultiVersus open beta, which began on July 26, opened the floodgates for hundreds of thousands of players on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC to play as their favorite characters from across movies, television, and cartoons, both classic and modern. Steam alone reached almost 150,000 concurrent players on its opening day, and that number doesn’t consider anyone on Sony or Microsoft’s consoles.

For players looking to play with their friends on multiple platforms, the question is, does MultiVersus have cross-progression so no one buys anything twice?

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Cross-progression in MultiVersus open beta

As a free-to-play game with cosmetics that you can buy with real money, it’s a good thing that, yes, the MultiVersus open beta does support full cross-progression. No matter what system you play on or what service you use, all your characters, perks, cosmetics, and other unlocks will transfer between them. MultiVersus also supports cross-play, so if you have friends who play on PlayStation while you’re on Steam, you’ll match up with them quickly and easily.

It doesn’t take a powerful system to play the open beta, either. MultiVersus is playable even on last-generation hardware, though there appear to be frame drops and hitching on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems during heavy on-screen action. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox One X|S do better, and the PC version can run very well on a powerful rig, but its minimum and recommended specs aren’t particularly steep either.

Remember, however, that this is an open beta, and not everything will go exactly as planned. The online servers will periodically go offline for maintenance, so check their status if you’re having trouble finding a match or can’t otherwise connect. Characters are bound to change, as no fighting game releases to the public perfectly balanced. The Tazmanian Devil dominated the Early Access period and received a nerf to his Tornado ability with the open beta patch. More updates are undoubtedly on the way as the open beta continues.