Does Pokémon Go have a Giovanni update for September 2020?

Where’s Giovanni for September 2020?

Find and Beat Giovanni Pokémon GO

Team Rocket in Pokémon Go has been uncharacteristically quiet these past few months. Giovanni has also been lurking in the shadows, and only recently showed up during the Pokémon Go Fest 2020 event. He and the other group leaders attacked the participants using their newly captured legendary shadow Pokémon, giving trainers the chance to catch these powerful Pokémon. But now, in September 2020, what’s been going on, and when can we can expect Team Rocket and Giovanni to return?

Niantic has stated that Giovanni and Team Rocket will be making their return sometime in late September, likely early October 2020. We can expect a new round of shadow Pokémon and a brand new Giovanni event. However, given that the current COVID-19 pandemic and current lockdowns have not lessened, Team Rocket and Giovanni could be pushed back even further. It all depends on how Niantic plans to approach the event.

Typically, trainers have to visit various Poké Stops captured by Team Rocket grunts to retrieve mysterious components to craft a Rocket Radar. From there, they can learn the location of a Team Rocket leader and beat enough of them to create a Super Rocket Radar, using it to find Giovanni. Each month, Giovanni has a newly captured legendary Pokémon that he’s turned into a shadow, and trainers have only a handful of attempts to save them. Since July, we haven’t seen him where he captured Suicinne, and the last official Giovanni updated happened back in April.

Should Niantic keep to their schedule, October 2020 will be the start of a new Giovanni adventure. He might be featured in the balloons that Niantic brought to the game in July, but his return will be a welcome sight for many trainers eager to save a new legendary Pokémon.