Doom Eternal preload times and download sizes

Get ready to go to hell.

Doom Eternal Trailer

With the Doom Slayer polishing his armor, loading his shotguns, and pacing back and forth as he waits for Mar. 20, we imagine you are doing the same thing. There is no time to wait when the hoards of hell invade the Earth, so we have all the details you will need about preloading Doom Eternal.

Preload times

You can preload Doom Eternal 48 hours before the release of the game. At midnight on Mar. 18, you will be able to start the preload process, meaning you won’t need to wait to download the game when it launches. It’s a nice big preload window, so you can even afford to have a fairly poor internet connection, or have the preload go wrong a couple of times, and still have it all downloaded in time.

Download size

As for file size, Doom Eternal on Xbox One weighs in at 40GB. While the details for the PlayStation 4 are not known yet, we expect it to be roughly the same. Over on PC, id Software advises that you have 50GB of space available for the download and that 10GB difference is more than likely down to all those lovely textures that will make up part of the game’s Ultra settings.

Don’t forget, Doom Eternal will feature a DOOMicorn outfit that you can wear. You will need to grab it from Twitch Prime during the game’s first month of release. For PC players who are curious about exactly how many frames they can get while stomping on demons, we also have the minimum and recommended specs, along with the type of behemoth build you will need to run the game at 4K.