Easiest ways to lose police wanted levels in Cyberpunk 2077

Nothing but a rebel on the run.

Like Grand Theft Auto and Watch Dogs, Cyberpunk 2077 appears to have maddeningly persistent law enforcement. Thus, accidentally committing a crime in the middle of a story mission can be a real pain when police come running in. To ensure their chase doesn’t go on for long, here are the best ways to get them off your tail.

Finding the nearest indoor store

Most open-world games today have some pretty wise NPC police officers. However, the protectors of Night City seem to take awhile opening up doors. This may be patched in the future; but for now, players can run to the nearest store and wait a solid few minutes until they are once again model citizens. This includes gun shops, eateries, and arcades.

Taking the old school route

What route is that exactly? The route out of town. Although there are apparently armed police drones in 2077, the oldest trick in the book still works today. Obviously, if you’re a four or five-star wanted level, you will need to put the pedal to the metal, but it is still possible to outrun the law. It usually takes about five to ten minutes to eventually drop wanted levels, but it is much faster than simply hiding.

Elevators may be your safest bet

No matter the amount of wanted stars on your screen, you can wipe them all in a jiffy by hopping into an elevator. If you’re able to hop in without police getting inside, the game will instantly scrub any crimes committed from your record. They are rare to come by, but most can be found near Fixer locations, as well as one that’s right outside your character’s apartment.