Everything included in Fall Guys midseason update 4.5 – new levels, round variations, and custom lobbies

Crossplay has finally hit the game as well.

Fall Guys Season 4

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has hit the midpoint of season four. As is tradition, Mediatonic has released a mid-season update comically named “Dave” that brings plenty of new features as well as bug fixes and improvements.

New rounds

To start, the update includes two new rounds players will get to try out. The first is called The Slimescraper. This level challenges players by tasking them to reach the summit while outrunning some slime as well as multiple floors of obstacles. Mediatonic described the level as a spiritual successor to Slime Climb.

The second new round is called Button Bashers. This is a 1v1 challenges where players are put into pairs across multiple mini-arenas. The player with the most point at the end advances. Mediatonic also include 55 additional round variations across 12 rounds. This included a low-gravity variant of Hex-a-Gone and Thin Ice.

Custom lobbies and crossplay

Many new features come with the new 4.5 update as well. Probably the most notable would be the addition of custom lobbies. These were previously known as private lobbies. The change is described as an improved experience, and players can now start games with as few as four players. On top of this, crossplay between PC and PlayStation 4 allows players to now matchmake together in all game modes.

Quality of life changes

Mediatonic states that it has improved the latency when grabbing objects or mantling. A visual indicator has been added that will show players their connection quality and will help them troubleshoot issues. Finally, a new reporting feature will let players report potential cheaters. Mediatonic states that it will not act solely on those reports. However, the reports will help the team cross-reference with potential cheaters.