Fall Guys Abstergo’s Challenge guide – Start and end dates, rewards, and more

Are the beans Assassins or Templars?

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Fall Guys is a game that has fully embraced the power of crossovers with other media franchises. Whether connected to other video games or sometimes movies, this game tends to have some exciting events. Abstergo’s Challenge is a weekly challenge that works as an Assassin’s Creed crossover event and comes with a new game mode to play. Here is everything to know about Abstergo’s Challenge in Fall Guys.

Abstergo’s Challenge start and end times in Fall Guys

The Abstergo Challenge began on July 7 and will be live until July 12 at 1 AM PT. After that time, the exclusive event mode will be rotated out of the playlist, and all possible challenges and rewards will be locked away.

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What is Sweet Thieves in Abstergo’s Challenge in Fall Guys?

Sweet Thieves is the event-exclusive game mode that you can queue for during Abstergo’s Challenge, with party sizes between one and four people. It is a mode that most people would probably compare to Cops and Robbers.

Two teams are in play: Thieves and Guardians. Thieves are invisible when standing still or moving slow and are trying to steal Candies and return them to the holes in the Thieves’ base. Guardians are trying to prevent that while grabbing the Thieves and sending them to jail. Jailed beans can be freed and return to gameplay if the release button is pressed. The Guardians win if all Thieves are caught or the three-minute timer expires.

Abstergo Challenge rewards in Fall Guys

Like other weekly events in Fall Guys, this Assassin’s Creed-themed event has rewards based on the series’ past. Here is every unlockable:

  • Animus Trainee Nickname
  • 200 Kudos
  • Apple of Eden Nameplate
  • Animus Synchronising Pattern
  • Apple of Eden Costume Top
  • All challenges in Abstergo’s Challenge

All challenges during Abstergo’s Challenge in Fall Guys

All rewards during the Abstergo Challenge can only be acquired by completing challenges. Each of the ten challenges can only be done while playing Sweet Thieves. Here is every challenge:

  • Play as a Thief in Sweet Thieves
  • Carry Candy for 30 seconds in Sweet Thieves
  • Press the button as a Thief in Sweet Thieves
  • Play as a Guardian in Sweet Thieves
  • As a Guardian, grab 10 Thieves in Sweet Thieves
  • Win as a Thief in Sweet Thieves
  • Carry Candy for 75 seconds in Sweet Thieves
  • Win Sweet Thieves
  • Win as a Guardian in Sweet Thieves
  • As a Guardian, grab 20 Thieves in Sweet Thieves