Final Fantasy XIV: How to Get Pearl of Fissures

Tracking down a Pearl of Fissures can take time in FInal Fantasy XIV, and this guide shows you where to find one.

The Final Fantasy 14 devs often find creative ways to add new resources to preexisting dungeons, giving players additional reasons to return and see if they can earn the new rewards. The Pearl of Fissures is one of those materials.

You’ll be able to find it by exploring one of the many dungeons scattered throughout Final Fantasy XIV, but there are a few requirements you need to meet if you want to try completing it. Here’s what you need to know about obtaining the Pearl of Fissures in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where to Find The Pearl of Fissures in Final Fantasy XIV

Image via Square Enix

There’s only one location where you can find the Pearl of Fissures if you want it to drop naturally following Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.5 update. You need to queue up for The Fell Court of Troia dungeon and go through it with a small group to beat it. The Fell Court of Troia is a dungeon available to everyone who has purchased The Endwalker expansion and has reached at least level 90 with your character. This was a dungeon added during Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.2 update, which means you need to work your way through the Main Scenario Quests up to this point to unlock it.

After you’ve unlocked it once, you’ll have the chance to queue for this dungeon as often as you’d like to play it. Unfortunately, the Pearl of Fissures only drops from the final boss, the Scarmigilione, and your party will need to defeat it for a chance to earn this resource. Other players in your party may also be attempting to loot this item, and you may lose out to them, or the material won’t appear during your run. This might mean you have to do it several times in Final Fantasy XIV before you get it.

A more direct way to get this item is if you have the Gil. You might find it on your data center’s Market Board. You’ll need to search for this item and see if anyone offers it at a reasonable price. If you can afford it, purchase it from this location, but you might be better off running The Fell Court of Troia dungeon enough times until you get a Pearl of Fissures in Final Fantasy XIV.