Fornite Season 5 Week 1 – Where To Find Lightning Bolts

 Fornite Season 5 Week 1 – Where To Find Lightning Bolts

Season 5 has arrived in Fortnite. If you fire up the game right now, there will be a big patch waiting for you. A new Season also means new challenges. One of those involves tracking down lightning bolts! The first three challenges are open to all players, with four challenges being reserved for Season Pass holders.

Floating Lightning Bolts

One of this week’s challenges is to find seven of the floating lightning bolts that are scattered around the map. That map has changed quite a bit since last Season, including a new desert area, golf course, and other changes. Many of the lightning bolts will need you to build upwards in order to get them, so be careful! Below you can find a map with the locations of various lightning bolts marked on it.

Fortnite Lighting Bolt Locations
Fortnite Lighting Bolt LocationsTL;DR Games • Fair Use

As always, be careful. You will be an easy target while you are trying to get these, so going after them with some friends might be a better idea that doing it solo. This means some of you can be on the lookout for enemies while the other builds up to the lightning bolts. I will update the map as I become aware of more locations. If you know of one that I haven’t marked, be sure to let me know in the comments!

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