Forspoken Stats Guide – All Stats and what they do

No stat sticks here, only magic.

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Forspoken feels like a magic-infused character action game, but its RPG roots go deep and extend to stats, debuffs, gear, and more. While equipment and magic are a bit straightforward, Forspoken’s small selection of stats isn’t well explained in the game. Despite that, they are at the root of the gear and necklace upgrades you can use to empower and augment her stats and abilities. This is a thorough breakdown of all stats and what they do.

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All stats in Forspoken explained

Forspokens’ main character is an unlikely hero, plucked from the streets of New York into the mystical realm of Athia. She is bonded to a magical Cuff, or Vambrace as he calls himself, and learns the power of magic. Soon after, you can start to wear magical cloaks and necklaces that provide stat boosts for Frey.

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Frey’s stats are small in nature, and Forspoken doesn’t feature a traditional skill tree that lets you allocate points to health, mana, attack, or defense. Instead, you will need to earn or find equipment that boosts these stats. Here are all of the stats you can modify in Forspoken and what they do.

  • Blue Magic: Determines how powerful Blue (water) magic is.
  • Defense: How much damage resistance Frey has to all incoming attacks.
  • Green Magic: Determines how powerful Green (wind) magic is.
  • Healing: How much health is restored whenever Frey triggers a healing effect or potion.
  • Health: Frey’s overall total health points.
  • Purple Magic: Determines how powerful Purple (Earth) magic is.
  • Red Magic: Determines how powerful Red (fire) magic is.
  • Stamina: Determines how much energy Frey can use for magic parkour and evasion.

Once you learn what these stats do, you can take the proper steps to fortify them and augment them by upgrading her necklaces, cloaks, and fingernails.