The best XP Glitch Fortnite map codes

Reach your next Battle Pass level with just the press of a button.

Screenshot by Gamepur

From weekly challenges to milestones, Fortnite players needing to level up fast must do an exorbitant amount of tasks in order to complete their Battle Passes and reach that almighty Level 200. But, what if there was a method to earn XP without even moving? Luckily, there are various maps in Creative mode that allow players to simply hit buttons in return for hundreds of thousands XP. Keep in mind, these maps should be used wisely, as excessive leveling up through them could potentially lead to a temporary ban. That said, here are the best Fortnite map codes with XP glitches in them, organized alphabetically.

What are the best map codes for XP glitches in Fortnite?

Cradoc’s Impossible Trickshot Map

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Code: 7708-1048-4537
  • Creator: Crado

Despite being advertised as a practice area, Cradoc’s Impossible Trickshot map is actually an XP farm that players should certainly pick from. Upon booting up the map, you can head over to the Support Creator pedestal at the center of the room and grab the coins its spawns every few seconds. The coins should then be used on the nearby buttons to be granted over 25,000 XP with each purchase. Better yet, these buttons are accompanied by another that continuously gives you AFK XP.

FFA with All Weapons

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Code: 0634-8919-1438
  • Creator: GKK

On the surface, FFA with All Weapons looks to be your standard Free For All map, but there are also several XP glitches to be found. At the center of its arena, players can go inside the box platform and hit its “XP Shop” button. It will then transport you to a room with over five XP buttons, and all of their bonuses will stack onto each other. As we were able to amass over 100,000 XP in just under a minute, it is safe to say FFA with All Weapons can aid in unlocking your next page of Battle Pass cosmetics.

Halloween 1v1 Build Fights

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Code: 1004-5222-9786
  • Creator: dfgg

Halloween 1v1 Build Fights is an exhilarating, yet spooky arena that lends players any weapon they want before their face-offs. That said, its biggest attractions are the pumpkins in each corner of the square map. When interacting with these, players will either earn AFK XP or be transported to rooms they can stay in to progressively level up. For instance, one room is filled with nothing but bouncers where you can amass over 5,000 XP in just seconds.

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Pro 1000

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Code: 1125-3213-5406
  • Creator: wow-kordell

Pro 1000 does not hold an AFK XP button, though there is still one glitch Battle Pass owners should take advantage of. At the center of the map, you must bounce on its tires in order to leap to its second floor. From there, there is a hidden token located inside the couch that can be used to open the door on the first floor. So, what is this all for? Well, each time the door is opened, a quick 5,000 XP bonus will be rewarded — and this method can be used endlessly once the door is unlocked.

Ultimate Gun Game

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Code: 9001-1974-4652
  • Creator: M_T2

Although Ultimate Gun Game is a blast to play with friends, it is best to head to the creation alone in a Private Match. This is because the map contains a downward ramp on one side of the room with a hidden room near it. Once you’ve reached the ramp, you should look toward the top of the wall on the right side. From there, a button prompt will magically appear, allowing you to access AFK XP and bounce houses that reward hundreds of XP per jump.