All Hidden Gnome Locations In Fortnite OG Season

These gnomes are hidden all over the map during the Fortnite OG Season, and this guide shows you where to find them all.


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Fortnite OG Season is full of throwback moments for you to enjoy, and unique ways for you to earn experience points and complete objectives. One thing you need to be on the lookout for are the hidden gnomes that you can find scattered throughout the map.

These gnomes will be at different locations throughout the map, highlighting several notable locations from Fortnite’s history. You’ll have the chance to collect them, but have a limited time to do so, which means you want to grab them fast. Here’s what you need to know about finding all hidden gnome locations in Fortnite OG Season.

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Where To Find Fortnite OG Season Hidden Gnome Locations

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These gnomes are tucked away in hidden locations, and that means you’ll have to scour the map to track them down. You won’t be able to browse the map to find them, but when you do track them down during the Fortnite OG Season, there’s a good amount of rewards attached to finding them that makes tracking them down well worth your time. These are a great way to help boost your XP to earn the many cosmetics and skins for you to unlock in Fortnite’s OG Pass.

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These are all the locations you need to visit, and how to find the hidden gnome during the Fortnite OG Season. You can choose to complete these objectives by yourself or with your friends during a Fortnite match.

Hidden Gnome LocationLandmark NameDescription
Fortnite-Gnome-Location-at-Crashed-Bus-OG-SeasonCrashed BusYou can find a crashed bus to the northeast of Shift Shafts, on the south side of the map. Head over to the bus, and you’ll find a gnome stuck in the ground.
Fortnite-Gnome-Location-at-Drive-in-OG-SeasonDrive-InThere is a drive-in movie theater at the center of Risky Reels, and you can find the gnome behind an RV.
Fortnite-Gnome-Location-at-Dusty-Divot-OG-Season.Dusty DivotWhen you arrive to Dusty Divot, make your way to the north side of the area, and you’ll find the gnome on top of a water floating item, in the middle of a small pond.
Fortnite-Gnome-Location-at-Llama-Statue-OG-SeasonLlama StatueThere is a Llama Statue you can find on the northwest side of the map, next to Junk Junction. You can make your way over here, and you’ll find the gnome next to a huge Llama statue made out of sheet metal.
Fortnite-Gnome-Location-at-Lonely-Lodge-OG-SeasonLodgeSouth of the Wailing Woods, there is a location called the Lonely Lodge. You can find the gnome next to a pond, on the edge of the ocean.
Fortnite-Gnome-Location-at-Hidden-Maze-OG-SeasonMazeHere, you’ll need to make your way to the Wailing Woods, and explore the hedge maze at this location. The Gnome will be close to the center.
Fortnite-Gnome-Location-at-Shift-Shafts-OG-SeasonMinesFor this gnome, make your way over to the south side of the map, to Shifty Shafts. You can find it close to the center, underground, at a table with teddy bears.
Fortnite-Gnome-Location-at-Pleasant-Park-OG-Season.Pleasant ParkYou can find a hidden gnome at Pleasant Park by heading straight to the center of the area. Make your way to the south of Pleasant Park, and you’ll find it on the outskirts of this area, next to a tent.
Fortnite-Gnome-Location-at-Stone-Head-OG-SeasonStone HeadsTo the northwest of Greasy Grove, there is a large stone monument on a hill. Head over there, and you’ll find the gnome at the base of it.
Fortnite-Gnome-Location-at-The-desert-OG-SeasonThe DesertHead to the southeast part of the Fortnite OG map, and you’ll find this gnome next to a shed, to the east of Paradise Palms.