All Fortnite OG Season Weekly & Seasonal Challenges & Rewards

The Fortnite OG Season takes players back to 2018, and the event includes a set of weekly and seasonal challenges.

fortnite OG grapple gun

OG Fortnite is back, but only for a limited time. With some incredible rewards up for grabs and only a handful of weeks to collect them all, players will need to complete the OG Fortnite Weekly Challenges to rack up that XP.

While there are only four weeks during Fortnite’s OG season, players can still dive into challenges. Although Fortnite Chapter 4’s weekly & seasonal challenges have leaned into the game’s overarching lore, Fortnite OG’s challenges are as simplistic as they were back in 2018.

Here are all of the Fortnite OG Weekly & Seasonal Challenges:

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Fortnite OG Hidden Gnome Quests

Fortnite OG gnome

Fortnite OG is calling back to the Chapter 1 war between the gnomes and the teddy bears with its seasonal “secret” challenges. And if you played during the original Fortniteera, these challenges may seem familiar.

This go around, players are tasked with hiding gnome statues at several POIs and Landmarks around the Fortnite OG Map. For each hidden gnome that is placed, players will earn 20,000 XP. Below is a list of all locations where gnomes will need to be placed:

  • Stone Heads
  • Crashed Bus
  • Llama Statue
  • Mines
  • Drive-In
  • Maze
  • Lodge
  • The Desert
  • Dusty Divot
  • Pleasant Park

Fortnite OG Season All Weekly Challenges

In addition to a season-spanning gnome challenge, players will receive a fresh set of weekly challenges. Each week, players can complete six challenges to earn XP toward their season level. Luckily, all of the challenges seem fairly rudimentary.

Players will earn 25,000 XP for every “easy” challenge they complete, and every “hard” challenge will net them 50,000 XP. The final Weekly Quest each week will reward players with 1 level-up token worth 80,000 XP.

Fortnite OG Week 1 Challenges

  • Damage Opponents With Pistols or Snipers x 500
  • Discover Named Locations x 20
  • Travel Distance While Sprinting x 1500m
  • Deal Damage To Opponents x 3000
  • Search Chests x 10
  • Gain Shield x 200

Fortnite OG Week 2 Challenges

  • Damage Opponents With SMGs x 1000
  • Thank The Bus Driver x 5
  • Travel Distance In Vehicles x 2000m
  • Eliminate Enemy Players x 25
  • Regain Health or Shields By Consuming Produce x 100
  • Collect Weapons of Rare or Greater Rarity x 15

Fortnite OG Week 3 Challenges

  • Damage Opponents With Shotguns x 1000
  • Survive Storm Circles x 25
  • Travel Distance While Sliding or Crouched x 500m
  • Damage Opponents From 30 meters or More x 1500
  • Restore Health x 250
  • Hit Weak Points With Pickaxe x 100

Fortnite OG Week 4 Challenges

  • Deal Damage With Assault Rifles x 1250
  • Outlast opponents x 250
  • Travel Distance At Night or Travel Distance With Pickaxe Out x 1000
  • Damage Opponents within 15 meters x 1500
  • Search Chest of Armmo Box within 45 Seconds of Landing in Different Matches x 3
  • Collect Ammo x 1200

Fortnite OG Hidden Battle Stars

fortnite og battle stars

Lastly, Hidden Battle Stars will be making a return, allowing players to earn battle pass currency without getting their hands dirty. We don’t know where they will be located just yet, but we will update this section with a map as they are discovered.