Forza Horizon 5 Horizon Wilds Takeover Summer Playlist – How to complete Retro Skills to Pay the Bills Treasure Hunt, rewards, and more

A Wilds month ahead.

Screenshot by Gamepur

A new Series has begun in Forza Horizon 5, one that should get players ready for the Rally Takeover DLC that will launch in late March. The hunt for new cars is on, and the first week of the playlist brings new challenges and an exclusive reward at the 20 point marker. With that said, let’s look at it all for this week, including the Treasure Hunt.

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All Weekly playlist challenges

#Forzathon Weekly Challenges

  • Own and drive the 1991 Hoonigan GYMKHANA 10 Ford Escort Cosworth Group A
  • Earn 10 Ultimate Air skills in Group A
  • Win a Dirt Race in Group A
  • Earn five Burn Out Skills in Group A

Complete all four, and you will get five points, along with 160 Forzathon points.

#Forzathon Daily Challenges

  • Visit the Horizon Wilds Outpost
  • Smash 25 items in 30 seconds
  • Take a photo of Farid Rueda’s Bear Mural in Playa Azul
  • Win any Dirt Racing event
  • Earn at least one Star from Trailblazers in any Retro Rally vehicle
  • Honk your horn in any Hoonigan
  • Earn a Landscaping Skill in any Sports Utility Heroes vehicle

A new challenge unlocks every day. Players will receive one point and 20 Forzathon Shop points for each of them they complete.

Weekly Race Challenges

  • Horizon Arcade – Complete any Horizon Arcade theme (reward is 3 pts.)
  • Complete “That Don’t Impreza Me Much” event in The Trial (need to make the Hall of Fame in order to unlock – rewards are 10 pts. and 2018 Honda Civic)
  • Complete two EventLab challenges (rewards are 6 pts. (3 pts. each), Super Wheelspin, and Hoonigan Group A)
  • Complete Danger Zone challenge (rewards are Super Wheelspin and 2 pts.)
  • Complete Speed Zone challenge (rewards are Super Wheelspin and 2 pts.)
  • Complete Trailblazer challenge (rewards are Super Wheelspin and 2 pts.)
  • Complete two Seasonal Championships (rewards are Ford Racing Puma, Hoonigan Focus, and 5 pts. each (10 pts. in total))

Weekly Challenges

  • Treasure Hunt – “Banking 25k requires serious skill back in the 80s, do you rally think you can do it?” (rewards are 100 #FORZATHON points and 3 pts.)
  • Photo Challenge – Photograph any Modern Rally car at the Horizon Wilds Outpost (rewards are Song reward (Odesza – A Moment Apart) and 2 pts)
  • Horizon Open – Complete a Horizon Open Custom Race in any Hoonigan (rewards are Hoonigan Bel Air and 2 pts.)

The picture in the Treasure Hunt gives a good indication of what’s needed to get the Treasure Hunt. To complete the challenge, get a Skill Score of at least 25,000 in a classic rally. We used the 1989 Porsche #65 Rothsport Racing 911 “Desert Flyer,” for reference.

Here’s a look at where the Treasure Chest can be found:

Screenshot by Gamepur

Monthly Challenges

  • Monthly Rivals (La Selva Scramble) – Post a clean lap to complete (reward is 4 pts. – Will only give 1 pt. per playlist)
  • Monthly Rivals (River Scramble) – Post a clean lap to complete (reward is 4 pts. – Will only give 1 pt. per playlist)

Hot Wheels Events

  • Complete Speed Trap (rewards are Super Wheelspin and 2 pts.)
  • Complete Seasonal Championship (rewards are Mosler MY900S and 5 pts.)

20 points are needed for the #2 Audi S1. 40 points will yield the BMW X6 M.

This playlist is set to end on March 9.