Forza Horizon 5 Series 9 Summer playlist – How to solve ‘Flying Customs’ Treasure Hunt, rewards, and more

The march to the Hot Wheels DLC is on.

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It’s the first week of Series 9 in Forza Horizon 5, as we are now in the summer season. This series will be a big one in Mexico, as the next weeks will see the release of new Hot Wheels cars, in preparation for the Hot Wheels expansion that is set to launch on July 19. So, what are the challenges for this week, and what are the rewards? Let’s take a look at all of those, including a look at the Treasure Hunt.

All Forza Horizon 5 Series 9 Summer playlist challenges

#Forzathaon Weekly Challenges

  • Own and drive the 1997 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am (featured in 50th Anniversary Stars & Stripes Hot Wheels pack)
  • Earn one Star at the Boardwalk Danger Sign in Firebird
  • Beat a Ghost in Rivals with Firebird
  • Earn three Drift Zone stars with Firebird

Complete all four and you will get five points, along with 160 Forzathon points.

#Forzathon Daily Challenges

  • Earn 10 Air Skills in any Camaro
  • Reach 142 MPH (228.5 KM/H) in 1969 Dodge Charger R/T
  • Earn 100,000 Skill Score in any vehicle from the 1960s
  • Win a Road Race in any Track Toy vehicle
  • Earn 16 Near Miss Skills in any Classic Muscle vehicle
  • Smash 10 solar panels in any Retro Muscle vehicle
  • Earn six stars at Trailblazers

A new challenge unlocks every day. Players will receive one point and 20 Forzathon Shop points for each of them they complete.

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Weekly Race Challenges

  • Complete “Muscle Mania” event in The Trial (need to make the Hall of Fame in order to unlock – rewards are 10 pts. and 1970 Corvette)
  • Complete EventLab challenge (rewards are Penhall Cholla and 3 pts.)
  • Complete Danger Sign challenge (rewards are Super Wheelspin and 2 pts.)
  • Complete Speed Trap challenge (rewards are Super Wheelspin and 2 pts.)
  • Complete Trailblazer challenge (rewards are Super Wheelspin and 2 pts.)
  • Complete three Seasonal Championships (rewards are Plymouth Cuda, Dodge Charger 15, Bone Shaker, and 5 pts. each (15 pts. in total))

Weekly Challenges

  • Treasure Hunt – “Stingrays can fly? Get your coins ready to get up high for a round complete!” (rewards are 100 #Forzathon points and 3 pts.)
  • Photo Challenge – Photograph any Hot Hatch at the Horizon Wilds Outpost (rewards are Clothing reward and 2 pts.)

The Treasure Hunt for this week does not involve PR Stunts, nor finding any locations in general. In order to solve this week’s Treasure Hunt, you must head into a Horizon Arcade event, and complete an Air event with a Chevrolet Stingray Corvette. For those unaware, this is what a Horizon Arcade event looks like on the map:

Screenshot by Gamepur

The good news is that these events are populating more sporadically, so make sure to find one that specifically states ‘Air.’ You won’t need to complete the whole thing, but you will need to manage to finish one round.

Then, the chest will be unlocked. Here’s a look at where it can be found on the map:

Screenshot by Gamepur

Monthly Challenges

  • Monthly Rivals (Chihuahua Circuit) – Post a clean lap to complete (reward is 4 pts.)
  • Forza EV (Horizon Mexico Circuit) – Post a clean lap to complete (reward is 4 pts.)

20 points are needed for the 2JetZ. 40 points will yield the Aventador J.

This set of challenges will expire on June 30.