Full Achievements and Trophies guide for MultiVersus

Get ready to hunt some trophies.

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MultiVersus offers players who have been missing the frantic energy of Smash Brothers a place to call home. With an ever-growing roster of fighters from all across the pop culture universe, this platform brawler has plenty to keep players coming back for more. If you’re eager to show off your skills to your competition or you just have to collect them all, here is the full list of achievements to earn in MultiVersus.

All MultiVersus achievements and trophies and how to earn them

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Like most games with online gameplay, MultiVersus has several trophies that you can earn through gameplay. Most achievements are earned by winning in specific ways, such as using your downspike to knock opponents out of the ring or using projectiles. Some come from making use of the game’s emote system. As of yet, none are focused on playing with a specific character in the roster, but that could change when the game comes out of open beta.

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Here is the full list of trophies and achievements in MultiVersus:

  • Credit Where It’s Due – Give out five Toasts to other players
  • Nice Speech – Give out 10 Toasts to other players
  • Toast Master – Give out 100 Toasts to other players
  • Run It Back – Accept 100 rematches
  • Matchmaker – Play one matchmade game
  • You Mean Business – Get 30 ringouts
  • You’re Getting Pretty Good At This! – Get 50 ringouts
  • Bun-Puncher Supreme – Get 100 ringouts
  • Stepping Out – Win 10 matchmade games
  • Proving Yourself – Win 100 matchmade games
  • The Throne Is Yours – Win 300 matchmade games
  • Bring A Friend – Get 10 double ringouts
  • Ringouts Are Better In Pairs – Get 25 ringouts
  • And Your Little Dog, Too! – Get 100 double ringouts
  • Watch Your Step – Get 10 ringouts using your downspike
  • Going Down? – Get 50 ringouts using your downspike
  • Ground Floor: Ringouts – Get 100 ringouts using your downspike
  • Aerial Specialist – Get 10 ringouts using the top of the blastbox
  • Southpaw Specialist – Get 10 ringouts using the left side of the blastbox
  • Rightie Specialist – Get 10 ringouts using the right side of the blastbox
  • Spike Specialist – Get 10 ringouts using the bottom of the blastbox
  • Watch Your Head – Get 20 ringouts with a projectile
  • Catch This – Get 50 ringouts with a projectile
  • Distanced Damage Dealer – Get 200 ringouts with a projectile
  • Social Butterfly – Play 25 matches in a party
  • Life of the Party – Play 100 matches in a party
  • Party Animal – Play 500 matches in a party
  • Signature Slammer – Get 10 low-damage ringouts
  • Trophy Master – Unlock all other trophies in MultiVersus

We will update this list as needed when the game hits its full launch.