Genshin Impact: Hidden Strife event guide

Do battle at the Dawn Winery.

Image via miHoYo

Genshin Impact’s newest event is here, straight in the middle of the Summertime Odyssey. While most of the events in Version 2.8 are taking place on the Golden Apple Archipelago, the Hidden Strife takes place at the heart of Mondstadt’s drinking industry: the Dawn Winery. Best of all, it features Diluc in a prominent role, giving us a chance to see his snazzy new skin.

Where to find the Hidden Strife event in Genshin Impact

To start this event, simply head to the Dawn Winery. Adeline will explain that Diluc is busy picking grapes to make grape juice for an upcoming sale and send you to the Falcon Coast to help him. Below is the location of Falcon Coast.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you arrive, you’ll see a red Leyline and a camp set up nearby. Investigate the nearby camp and then the red Leyline. Monsters will pour out of the Leyline, as will a mirage of Diluc in his new Red Dead of Night costume. This is an image of Diluc during his younger years when he eliminated monsters as a mercenary. You’ll then get to fight these monsters using Diluc’s new skin as a trial character.

After watching the Leyline, you’ll notice that it doesn’t disappear. Paimon expresses worry that a passerby will get curious about the Leyline and be put in danger, so you and Paimon decide to stick around to make sure the area stays safe.

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How to complete the Hidden Strife event in Genshin Impact

The Hidden Strife is a combat event in Genshin Impact that pits you against fearsome monsters while also granting you unique buffs. There are two game modes in this event: Vicious Battle and Dire Straits. In Vicious Battle, you must fight against waves of foes while also fulfilling numerous conditions.

For example, on the first day, you must complete the challenge within 180 seconds, use 6 Elemental Bursts, and defeat 1 Powerful Opponent (Powerful Opponents have a glowing marker above their body.)

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Dire Straits is a more difficult version of Vicious Battle, which you can challenge after completing the Vicious Battle game mode.

Some tips in achieving success in this game mode are to simply fulfill the conditions. Instead of defeating all the enemies, you want to focus on the enemies you need to defeat to get through the event. Beware, though, that Powerful Opponents may get healed if you take too long to defeat them.

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Complete all difficulties to gain all the rewards, which include Primogems, Hero’s Wit, and Ascension Materials.