Genshin Impact Pale Fire World Quest: All Fravashi Tree Locations, Udumbara Pistil, And Rewards

Put those green thumbs to work.

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Step into the world of Pale Fire, the highly anticipated world quest introduced in Genshin Impact 3.6. In this guide, we’ll delve into the mysteries surrounding the Fravashi Trees and uncover the secrets hidden within their ancient branches. We’ll also navigate through the quest’s challenges and discover the rewards that await. We’ve got you covered, from how to get started to finding all the Fravashi Tree locations, unlocking essential items, and earning valuable rewards in the Pale Fire World Quest.

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How to Complete the Pale Fire World Quest in Genshin Impact

How to Start the Pale Fire World Quest

To unlock this scorching quest, you’ll need to traverse the treacherous path of the Khvarena Of Good And Evil Quest. Specifically, you must progress in the “Khvarena’s Light Shows: Nirodha” sub-quest.

How to Awaken the Residual Pari in Fravashi in Genshin Impact

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To awaken the residual Pari hidden within the tree, you’ll need the magical touch of Sorush, the master of all things botanical. So head to the quest marker on the map and seek out Sorush, the botanical mastermind. With Sorush’s touch, watch as the tree bursts to life with renewed vigor. Then, keep your eyes peeled for elusive Pari Fragments scattered around the area. Once you’ve gathered them all, return to the awakened tree and let Pari’s residual energy work its magic.

How to find all Udumbara in Genshin Impact

To awaken some trees, you’ll need Udumbara seeds. Here’s how you can find them:

  1. The first Udumbara is northeast of Teleport Waypoint, under a blue tree on a cliff face near the water.
  2. This hidden gem can be found perched on a cliff, gazing down on its fellow Udumbara.
  3. Teleport to north Waypoint, glide towards the cliff to find the third Udumbara
  4. Glide west from the third Udumbara to uncover the following location.
  5. The highest Udumbara location lies northeast cliffside of the swamp in Genshin Impact.
  6. Southwest corner of Asipattravana Swamp, cliffside closer to bottom. Look for a short platform opposite this Udumbara.

All Fravashi Tree Locations in Genshin Impact

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To fully complete the Pale Fire World Quest, you must track down and activate these majestic trees: 

  1. Underground: Finish the Khvarena Of Good And Evil Quest.
  2. Asipattravana Swamp: Teleport next to the Asipattravana Swamp. Make your way to the cave and climb down.
  3. Asipattravana Swamp: Go west and bring 3 Udumbara Pistils.
  4. Asipattravana Swamp: Make your way to the cave and find it near Hillichurl Camp.
  5. Tunigi Hollow: Warp southwest of Tunigi Hollow and reach the northern platform.
  6. Tunigi Hollow: Head to the cliff’s edge in the northern part of Tunigi Hollow.
  7. Tunigi Hollow: Use the waypoint and walk south to the cliff’s side.
  8. Gate of Zulqarnain: Follow the root-filled path from the underground waypoint and climb to clear the golden gate.
  9. Gavireh Lajavar Statue of Seven: Teleport to the statue and head southwest.
  10. Gavireh Lajavar Statue of Seven: Teleport to the statue, head southwest, and climb the mountaintop.

When you’ve unlocked all trees, speak with Zurvan to complete the quest. Completing the Pale Fire World Quest is a thrilling and rewarding adventure. Upon successfully awakening all the Fravashi Trees and finishing the quest, you will be rewarded with Adventure EXP x 350 to help you level up your adventurer rank, Primogems x 40 to use in the gacha system, Hero’s Wit x 3 for enhancing your character, Mystic Enhancement Ore x 6 for upgrading your weapons, and a hefty sum of Mora x 30,000 to bolster your in-game currency.