Genshin Impact Version 2.8: How to clear Floor 11 of the Spiral Abyss – tips and tricks

Begin the hardest challenge of Version 2.8.

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Every new version of Genshin Impact also sees a change in the Spiral Abyss, the game’s most difficult endgame content that requires tons of highly leveled characters and carefully crafted artifacts. Floor 11 of Genshin Impact possesses some difficult challenges but gives your characters an easier time if they are Pyro.

Each Spiral Abyss update grants a unique buff to help you out in your battles. This update is the Blessing of the Abyssal Moon: Valiant Moon. This buff has the following effect:

  • “When a character takes the field, they will gain 1 Fortitude stack every 2 seconds. This will increase their ATK by 20%. Max 3 stacks. When characters with 3 Fortitude stacks hit opponents with Charged Attacks, a shockwave will be unleashed at the opponents’ position, dealing True DMG. A shockwave can be unleashed in this manner once every 2 seconds. When the character leaves the field, all their Fortitude stacks will be cleared.”
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Floor 11 has an independent buff that increases the power of your Pyro characters. The Leyline Disorder of this floor provides a 75% Pyro DMG bonus.

Characters to consider

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This buff obviously lends itself to Pyro characters, with a flat DMG buff to Pyro DMG across the board. As a result, Pyro characters in general will have an advantage on this floor. With an abundance of Specters and the Thunder Manifestation on this Floor, Yoimiya will be one of the most valuable characters to have on this floor.

  • Yoimiya: Yoimiya’s auto-attack nature makes her a valuable character to bring to this floor. Her gameplay makes defeating Specters and the Thunder Manifestation a breeze, as her attacks will automatically target those flying foes.
  • Venti: Venti is a useful pick for your second team, as the second half of the floor features tons of enemies that can be crowd controlled. Pair him with Ganyu or Ayaka, Mona or Kokomi, and another Cryo unit to make a premier freeze team.

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Floor 11: Chamber 1

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On this floor, you have to defend a monolith as enemies attack it. For the maximum rewards, you cannot let the monolith go below 60% HP. This chamber will come in three waves. The first wave will feature tons of Cryo slimes. The second wave will feature Specters, and the final wave will feature Ice Shieldwall Mitachurl.

Pyro characters should make this floor go by easily, as you will be able to dispatch the Cryo slimes and Specters quickly. Burst down the enemies as fast as you can before they deal too much damage to the monolith at the center.

The second half of this chamber will feature a ton of treasure hoarders. Kazuha is a great pick for this floor. Enemies will gradually navigate towards the monolith, and you can stop them from dealing a lot of damage by heading to the center and using your crowd control abilities.

You should be able to defeat these enemies quickly enough this way while keeping your monolith healthy.

Floor 11: Chamber 2

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The first half of this chamber features four Specters, followed by two Bathysmal Vishap Hatchlings. These Specters are quite weak and should go down to a couple of bursts. This is a DPS check and you’ll have to deal enough damage to get through these enemies. If you have Zhongli, using his burst at the start of the fight helps keep the Specters in place.

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The second half of this chamber features a Hydrogunner Legionnaire, Cryogunner Legionnaire, and Pyroslinger Bracer in an initial wave. Prioritize defeating the Cryogunner first, to avoid being frozen or slowed from his attacks.

Following this, there’s a final wave featuring a Fatui Pyro Agent, Fatui Cryo Cicin Mage, and Fatui Electro Cicin Mage. Using Venti or Kazuha will help this fight go smoothly.

Floor 11: Chamber Three

The Thunder Manifestation makes a return to the Spiral Abyss, acting as a DPS check for players who aren’t able to whittle this boss down in a timely manner. Due to its rapid movement, Yoimiya is incredibly helpful in making sure all your hits land, which is a considerable boost in DPS. You aren’t doing damage if you’re missing, after all.

The final part of this chamber is a battle between three Abyss Mages. One Cryo, Hydro, and Electro Abyss Mage will spawn at the same time. You should be bringing Pyro characters on the second half as well (Xiangling + Bennett makes an amazing combo as always), so burst down the Cryo Abyss Mage first. This will ensure you cannot get Frozen from an unlucky combo.

After settling this floor, you’ll be ready to tackle Version 2.8’s ultimate challenge, Floor 12 of the Spiral Abyss.