Genshin Impact Vibro-Crystal Verification event guide – dates, challenges, and rewards

Time…for SCIENCE.

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Genshin Impact’s 3.5 update has its own selection of events for players over its duration, including the return of a previous combat-focused one. Those who were playing the game around the time of its 2.6 Update will remember the Vibro-Crystal Research event. Vibro-Crystal Verification mixes things up a bit, by having the Traveler help out a researcher from Fontaine by beating the stuffing out of a bunch of enemies. Here’s everything you need to know.

How to unlock Genshin Impact’s Vibro-Crystal Verification event

First off, you’ll need to be at least Adventure Rank 28 and have completed the Liyue Archon quest “Rite of Parting” to participate in the event. Unlike some of the other events, there isn’t a “Quick Start” option for this quest, so if you’re only just starting Genshin Impact, you’ll have to motor through the initial Archon quests to get up to speed. Luckily, the event is running for a couple of weeks so you may have time to do so — things kick off on March 14 and run until March 27.

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Once you’ve met the prerequisites for the event, you’ll need to complete the very simple event quest “Vibro-Crystal Reharmonization,” which just sees you going to the event area just north of the Chasm and speaking to the Fontainian engineer, Anatole. He explains his reasons for coming to Liyue and sets up the event for you.

Genshin Impact Vibro-Crystal Verification challenges

Like its predecessor Vibro-Crystal Research, Vibro-Crystal Verification is essentially a series of horde mode-style challenges with two teams of four characters. Players must defeat as many enemies as possible within the time limit to gain points and earn rewards. Getting a high score can be challenging, but there are a few elements that will make the journey smoother, such as trial characters to use and different difficulty settings that will offer score multipliers.

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The cornerstone of the event, though, is in the use of the eponymous Vibro-Crystals. A lot of distractingly complex lingo surrounds this mechanic in-game, but essentially what these do is trigger certain buffs to take effect when you perform a certain action. For example, you can set up an attack bonus to trigger whenever you set off a particular elemental reaction. Each team gets its own set of Vibro-Crystal Harmonics that you can set up, so make sure to use them to your advantage in mowing down waves of enemies.

The full list of challenges is as follows:

  • Heat Deflection (available from March 14)
  • Wind Redirection (available from March 15)
  • Warmth Observation (available from March 16)
  • Energy Vitalization (available from March 17)
  • Freezing Conduction (available from March 18)
  • Controlled Conversion (available from March 19)

Genshin Impact Vibro-Crystal Verification rewards

As with most events in Genshin Impact, there are plenty of rewards on offer for those willing to power through each stage. Primogems are arguably the most tantalizing prize, but players can also get Mora, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and Weapon Ascension Materials for winning. Thankfully for anyone who is having trouble grappling with the mechanics of the event, the best rewards — namely, the Primogems and the rarest Weapon Ascension Materials — are the first awarded for any challenge, so you won’t need to get the highest scores to get the most valuable prizes.