Top 10 Baldur’s Gate 3 Glitches Shared by Players

Explore the lighter side of Baldur’s Gate 3 with our top 10 hilarious glitches. Dive into the funniest moments in this epic RPG.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 is a magnificent game, even when your party members are perpetually stuck in ladder-climbing motion. It’s an ever-amazing masterpiece, packed with epic action and mind-blowing role-playing scenarios right from the get-go. So yeah, we’ll forgive it for having a couple of hair motion glitches. Today, we’ve decided to celebrate Baldur’s Gate 3 for everything it has to offer, including its top 10 most hilarious glitches.

10. Random Skeleton Dance-off

Astarion is the party’s rogue, so he’ll naturally sneak unnoticed behind enemy lines. As expected, unsuspecting enemies continue their usual business, discussing the Absolute, their weariness from dealing with refugees, and whatnot. I don’t know what you can expect skeletons to gossip about, but I don’t think anyone anticipated this impromptu dance-off happening in the shadows.

9. Is It Open, Though?


Bro really wanted to let me out but couldn’t 🥲 #bg3 #baldursgate3 #videogames #rpg

♬ originalljud – Aldoro

The purpose of stationing guards to watch over prisoners is to ensure they stay in their cells. Yet, amid a prison brawl, an unexpected enemy guard attempted to open a cell door, only to discover it was locked. Because of this Baldur’s Gate 3 glitch, he missed the memo. He persistently attempted to open it, causing the “Locked” sound and speech bubble to pop up about a hundred times. If only we all had a bit of his perseverance.

8. A Gith Glitch

For many, the encounter with the Githyanki Patrol represents the first difficulty spike in Baldur’s Gate 3. Personally, I have never scum saved more in my entire life. This player, however, decided to accept their unfortunate dice roll and face the unrelenting battle against the Githyanki… only for it to never trigger at all. It’s the thought that counts, right?

7. What Actually Happens if Gale Doesn’t Eat a Magic Item

Gale is one of the most powerful Wizards of Faerun, and luckily, you managed to land him as a companion. Unfortunately, your feelings toward him may turn sour after discovering he’s a magic item swallower. I decided to bench him myself after sacrificing my most precious staff. I never had a chance to see what happens if he’s never fed, so maybe he just struggles to resist the urge to T-pose forever?

6. Party Morning Situps


I’ve experienced a lot of bugs at this point. This is so far the second funniest one I’ve come across 😭 The first one’s video has been lost 😔, but, I swear having a dude in the smugglers camp explode your entire party and hinself and then breakdance into the rocks for all eternity is hilarious and confusing 😂 #bg3 #bg3edit #baldursgate3 #baldursgate3edit #bg3bugs #spongebobbackgroundmusic #videogames #astarion #shadowheart #gale

♬ original sound – SpongeBob background music

After a long rest, you awake surrounded by your most faithful companions. You’d expect them to slowly rise out of bed and maybe have a cup of coffee to start the day strong. I did not ever, not even for a second, foresee that they would just break into a situp routine first thing in the morning. Is that how Gale and Astarion get their abs?

5. Short King Gale

Whether it’s for his terribly inconvenient magic-consumption illness or for his sudden attempts to make a move on your character, Gale has become the butt of everyone’s jokes. This Baldur’s Gate 3 glitch refuses to give the man a break. Because this player was standing on a ledge, a cutscene didn’t trigger correctly, turning Waterdeep’s most infamous wizard into a short king.

4. The Side of Withers You Didn’t Want to See

To clarify, Withers is not a romanceable character in Baldur’s Gate 3. Nor does he tend to partake in nudity, really. However, this player’s Withers decided to show up butt-naked to a cutscene for no particular reason. It’s a side of him I wish I could unsee.

3. Off To a Rough Start

In case you forgot, Baldur’s Gate 3 kicks off with your character escaping from a Nautiloid ship, thanks to a fortuitous hit by a random rock. This sends them tumbling from the ship and plummeting from the sky onto Ravaged Beach. It sounds pretty ridiculous, but it’s actually a well-animated cutscene that leaves quite an impression on players – well, for most players, that is. It turns out a significant portion of the player base had to witness their character T-pose their way onto the beach. I suppose that made quite an impression of a different sort.

2. Korilla’s “We Won’t Always Be Watching”


Baldur’s Gate 3 is definitely an Early Access game. but not for long ☺️ #baldursgate3 #bg3 #baldursgate3edit #baldursgate #gamingmemes #gamingbugs

♬ hard style – 🦧🦧🦧🦧

A player caught a hilarious glitch during a cutscene in Act 1. After Korilla, one of Raphael’s goons, rescues our party from Priestess Gut, there’s the option to thank her for her good deeds. Usually, she’d respond with a warning and exit the scene. However, for some reason, this player’s Korilla does keep watching them even as they walk away. Does she walk backward as she says it? Nope, she bends and contorts, Matrix-style, all the while looking at the player straight in the eye. I’d argue it’s not a glitch but another irreverent game mechanic.

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1. The Time Shadowheart Was Possessed

Characters getting stuck in ladder animation is a well-known Baldur’s Gate 3 glitch. It happened in the early access version, and it’s still happening after Hotfix 6. At this point, I don’t even want them to patch it at all. It’s given birth to so many memes, from the “do the ladder” party dance to this instance of Shadowheart just randomly climbing invisible ladders in the middle of the night. What are you trying to reach, girl?