Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC – Best New Outfits

No matter your play style, there’s an Outfit for you in Burning Shores DLC.


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The Burning Shores DLC adds a selection of new Outfits to Horizon Forbidden West that give us even more fashionable choices for Aloy, which also greatly impact her stats. These Outfits are some of the best in the game. This is a step up from anything in Forbidden West, so this guide lists the best new Outfits in Burning Shores DLC you should buy as soon as possible.

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What are the best new Outfits in the Burning Shores DLC?

Every new Outfit in the Burning Shores DLC is the best for one play style or another. Below, we’ve outlined all the new Outfits, and what builds/play styles they’re best for. They all require Brimshine to purchase, so you’ll need to get out into the Burning Shores to find as much as possible. Use our Brimshine location guide to point you in the right direction so you have enough to upgrade them.

Nora Lookout – Best outfit for Survivor Builds

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The Nora Lookout Outfit was a pre-order bonus for Horizon Zero Dawn, but it’s back with the Burning Shores DLC. This Outfit is great for anyone that likes to keep Aloy topped up on health and prefers to fight defensively, dropping shields and dodging attacks. The base stats for it are as follows.

  • +2 Medicine Capacity
  • +1 Potent Medicine
  • +1 Potion Proficiency
  • +1 Low Health Regen

Quen Commander – Best outfit for Warrior Builds

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The Quen Commander Outfit is the one that Aloy is seen wearing in all the prerelease marketing videos for the Burning Shores DLC. It’s touted as the new Warrior class Outfit, meaning it’s made for those that like to get up close and personal in combat. If you’ve geared your build to weapons such as Tripcasters and Warrior Bows, this will likely be the outfit you want to go for. Its base stats, which can be upgraded, are as follows.

  • +2 Energized Duration
  • +1 Resonator Buildup
  • +1 Resonator Blast+
  • +1 Resonator Damage

Quen Deadeye – Best outfit for Infiltrator Builds

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The Quen Deadeye Outfit is for stealth specialists that like to kill a machine before it even knows you’re there. It does give you a bit of a concentration boost, but it’s primarily for stealth builds that don’t want to alert enemies. If you love sneaking around and taking a pack of machines out without a single one seeing you, this is the Outfit you need. The base stats are as follows.

  • +2 Low Profile
  • +1 Stealth Ranged+
  • +1 Stealth Tear+
  • +1 Concentration+

Quen Marine – Best outfit for Hunter Builds

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The Quen Marine Outfit is perfect for anyone that’s gotten used to sneaking around and attacking enemies from afar. It’s labeled as a Warrior Outfit, but it works better for Hunter builds in practice. We’ve been using it for our playthrough of Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC, and it is phenomenal. This is the Outfit to choose if you love using concentration to line up precise shots. With the right combination of Coils and upgrades, you can extend your concentration time to what feels like 120 seconds. The base stats are as follows.

  • +2 Concentration+
  • +1 Deep Concentration
  • +1 Concentration Regen
  • +1 Stamina Regen