How can you use Horse Manure in Fire Emblem Engage?

Why can you pick this up in the game?

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There are a lot of items for you to gather in Fire Emblem Engage, but none of them are as strange as Horse Manure. Horse Manure is an item you can get more than one of, and you’ll find it early on in the game, but is Horse Manure useful in the game? Most items in a video game, specifically a Fire Emblem game, generally have a practical purpose. Does Horse have a purpose, or is it just a juvenile joke from the developers?

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How to get Horse Manure in Fire Emblem Engage

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Horse Manure can be found on the floor while exploring your base at The Somniel. Between Chapters and Paralogues, you can return to your castle to walk around and talk to your units. You will spot sparkles on the floor, which are marked on your map. Interacting with these sparkles will reward you with an item. Typically, the item you pick up is dependent on the area where you find it. For example, you will likely pick up an apple or peach at the fruit trees. You can pick up Horse Manure near the stables and barns.

Alternatively, you can take back animals from missions through the in-game pet system. The pet system allows you to bring back animals you find wandering around in small hubs after completing every mission. After bringing back an animal to the stables in Somniel, you can interact with them. Animals will occasionally find or drop items at the barn, including Horse Manure, which represents all types of animal droppings. Horse Manure can also be bought at the Flea Market starting at Chapter 14.

What do you use Horse Manure for?

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The description for the Horse Manure reads that you can gift the Horse Manure to anyone in your army. At Somniel, you can interact and hand out gifts to members of your unit. Giving good gifts to a character raises their affinity to you, raising Alear’s support for that specific character. However, gifting Horse Manure to a character offers no affinity bonus. Instead, the character will react emotionally towards the Manure, usually very negatively. There’s no other use for the Horse Manure, making it a pointless joke item from developers.