How Concentration Rays work in Tower of Fantasy

Close the breach!

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As you wander the expansive world of Tower of Fantasy, you will come across various plants, rocks, and objects that you can interact with to get rewards and Exploration Points. As you go further across the world, you will start to see more items that you can interact with. Concentration Rays are among these many items that you won’t discover until later in the game, but they are worth interacting with if you have the time.

What are Concentration Rays?

Concentration Rays are machines that fire a laser when interacted with. You won’t come across these machines until you reach the Crown region. This is the fourth region in the story and the region that is to the east of the Banges region. Concentration Rays are accompanied by a Fissure that you can open to obtain a Black or Gold Nucleus. These machines typically span a large distance and take a while to complete.

How to complete Concentration Ray interactions

If you run into a Fissure, look around the area to find a Concentration Ray that is pointing at it. Concentration Rays cannot be moved, so whichever one is pointed at the Fissure is the first one you need to go to.

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Once you have found the first Concentration Ray, look for whichever ray is the next one in the series. Keep following the path of Concentration Rays that are set up until you find one that is lit up blue.

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When you find the Concentration Ray that is lit up blue, interact with it and it will fire a laser at the one it is pointed at, lighting it up blue as well. Follow the path of Concentration Rays back, interacting with them along the way, until you fire the laser at the Fissure. This will open the Fissure and reward you with a Black or Gold Nucleus.