How to deal damage to players while using Creepin Cardboard in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2



One of this week’s challenges in Fortnite is to deal damage to players while using Creepin Cardboard. Creepin Cardboard are cardboard boxes that you can find all over the map. When you interact with them you will jump inside, completely hidden from the outside. You can also run around inside them, allowing you to easily reposition.

Creepin Cardboard

While inside the box, if you hit the aim button your upper body will stick out, and you can shoot at nearby enemies. The Creepin Cardboard itself is very flimsy, and easily destroyed, so be aware of this when you are hiding in it.

This is quite a tough challenge because it is hard to engineer situations where you could ambush someone. Your best bet is to head to a high traffic area of the map, find a Creepin Cardboard, then hide in it until someone shows up.

You only need to do 200 damage total, which is two full kills, or one kill if the enemy is full shielded, which is a bit of a blessing.

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