Holocure Collaboration with Spider Cooking and Elite Lava Bucket
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How do collabs work in Holocure? Collab guide

Evolve weaponry with mementos from the Hololive universe.

Similar to evolutions in Vampire Survivors, collaborations, or “collabs,” is a mechanic in Holocure that involves combining two weapons into a single power armament. The hordes of adorable enemies your VTuber will face are relentless; accordingly, any sort of enhanced power to survive the onslaught of baddies is essential. Collabs are an excellent way to not only boost your survivability but also increase your damage numbers. Moreover, your effort to combine your weapons will be rewarded with flashy and colorful visuals while watching your favorite Hololive VTuber in action dealing massive damage to your foes.

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How to unlock a collab in Holocure

Finding the Golden Anvil for Collabs in Holocure
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To unlock a collab for your weapons in the Vampire Survivors-style game of Holocure, you must first reach the max Level 7 for two compatible weapons. You can upgrade weapons by leveling up or defeating a boss. However, keep in mind that the upgrade or new unlock rolls are randomized, meaning that you cannot always expect to create the same collab every time. For instance, we got lucky during our Calli stage run in the Grassy Plains and were able to collaborate the Elite Lava Bucket and Spider Cooking into Elite Cooking before the 7-minute mark.

Collabs do not happen automatically in Holocure. After you have acquired two max-level weapons, look around for a Gold Anvil. This item is different in function and appearance from the standard Anvil that allows you to upgrade your weapon’s strength. Once it appears, interact with it to initiate a collaboration. Select two compatible weapons and proceed to combine them into their combined-weapon form.

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Every collab in Holocure

Using two Weapons to Collab in Holocure
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Similar to how you cannot simply evolve any weapon with any passive item in Vampire Survivors, Holocure has a limited set of available weapon collabs. Keep in mind that the game is still in development, so some collabs might change, or new ones can be added in the future. Below is a current list of every Holocure collab in alphabetical order:

  • Absolute Wall — Cutting Board and Bounce Ball
  • BL Fujoshi — BL Book and Psycho Axe
  • Bone Bros. — EN’s Curse and Cutting Board
  • Breathe-In Type Asacoco — Plug Type Asacoco and Holo Bomb
  • Broken Dreams — CEO’s Tears and Spider Cooking
  • Dragon Fire — Plug Type Asacoco and Fan Beam
  • Eldritch Horror — EN’s Curse and Spider Cooking
  • Elite Cooking — Spider Cooking and Elite Lava Bucket
  • Flattening Board — Cutting Board and Holo Bomb
  • Frozen Sea — Wamy Water and BL Book
  • Idol Concert — Idol Song and Glowstick
  • I’m Die, Thank You Forever — X-Potato and Holo Bomb
  • Light Beam — Glowstick and Fan Beam
  • MiComet — Psycho Axe and Elite Lava Bucket
  • MiKorone — X-Potato and Elite Lava Bucket
  • Rap Dog — Idol Song and X-Potato
  • Ring Of Fitness — CEO’s Tears and Bounce Ball
  • Snow Flower Sake — Wamy Water and Glowstick
  • Stream Of Tears — Fan Beam and CEO’s Tears

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