How to find and destroy Gatherer Drones in Fortnite

Little devils.


Gatherer drones in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 are small, dangerous robots that follow around and spawn from the larger Gorgers. These little guys might not seem threatening, but if you let them build up in number you are going to have a bad time.

How to find Gatherers

The best place to find a Gatherer is by finding a Gorger. Gorgers will spawn randomly on the map and will be marked by a beam of red light when they spawn in. Gorgers will continually spawn these little drones who will then go looking for loot, bringing it back and feeding it to the Gorger.If you destroy the Gatherers, the Gorger will quickly spawn more of them.

Gatherer are not a major threat alone, but if you let the Gorger spawn too many at once you will suffer from the volume of fire, and it will make dodging the very powerful shots of the Gorger difficult to do. Gorgers can kill you in two shots if you are unshielded, but Gatherers slowly chip your health away about, doing 10 damage per shot.

If you are working on a challenge to farm Gatherers, you should find the Gorger and take out any Gatherers, then wait until it spawns more. As long as you don’t destroy the Gorger, it will spawn Gatherers for the whole match.

When you destroy a Gatherer, they fall to the ground and you can pick them up and wield them as a weapon. Do this quickly, or they will explode. This weapon has two fire modes, a regular semi-auto mode, and a charged mode. The charged mode will do a lot of damage to the Gorger, but will use up all the ammo and the weapon will disintegrate. These weapons also have a limited life, and don’t show up in your inventory, so you cannot wield them for the whole game.