How to get the Fourth Horseman Exotic Catalyst in Destiny 2

Add a fifth horseman to the mix.

Destiny 2

The Fourth Horseman has arrived in Destiny 2, and with it, the Exotic Catalyst, you will need to make it reach its final form. To get your hands on the Fourth Horseman, you will need to finish the In Rides a Pale Horse quest. When that is done, you can get stuck into the RNG grind that is trying to find the Fourth Horseman catalyst. 

To get the Fourth Horseman Exotic Catalyst, you will need to complete either Lengedary Lost Sectors or the Seraph Tower public event.

Legendary Lost Sectors are a tough challenge and have a recommended Power level of 1000. For most players, the Seraph Tower public event will be a better bet, as you can load into the Widing Cove and complete it with strangers if you need to. The Seraph Tower is a wave-based activity, and you will need to clear it and open the chests at the end for a chance to get the Catalyst.

To level up the Catalyst when you get it, you will need to rack up the kills with the Fourth Horseman. When this is done, you will be able to take advantage of an extra shot, and a faster reload time for the weapon. That extra shot is a huge bonus thanks to the weapons perk that increases damage on each subsequent shot. Both the benefits of the Catalyst combine to give the Fourth Horseman a great DPS increase.

The Catalyst itself isn’t hard to get, as the Seraph Tower is quite an active event right now, it’s just down to how RNGesus ends up treating you.