How to get X-Force Deadpool in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

All white everything.


Fortnite’s Deadpool challenges continue, as this week, the X-Force Deadpool style is up for grabs in the game. If you thought you were done with Deadpool when you got his skin, then you were very wrong.

As always, there will be some Deadpool challenges to complete this week, and thanks to some leaks, we already know what they are. We will have guides for each one as soon as the challenges go live in the game on Friday.

  • Find Deadpool’s shorts
  • Salute Deadpool’s pants

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Deadpool Week 9 challenges

Deadpool’s challenges have been a blend of things you need to do in a match, and things you need to do in the menus, and this one appears to be a mix of both. The shorts will more than likely be found somewhere in the Battle Pass tab while saluting his pants will more than likely need to be something we need to do during a match.

The X-Force skin comes with two styles, one with his mask on, and the other with his mask off, showing off that lovely face of his.

Deadpool’s challenges were not the only thing that leaked this week, as we also know the Midas’ Mission challenges that we will be trying to finish as well. As always, there are ten new challenges this week, with ten more on the way for next week. You will need to complete 18 of them to get access to Midas’ secret mission and get his Ghost or Shadow style skin.

As for Deadpool, this may very well be the last week of challenges for your friendly neighborhood, Pool Guy. None of the leaks contain any Deadpool challenges for next week, so this could be the last one.