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How Health Burst works in God of War Ragnarok

Keep yourself alive in combat.

There are a handful of passive abilities that you can acquire while playing God of War Ragnarok. One of them is called Health Burst, and it’s a useful way to ensure you can stay in the fight, even if things are starting to look a little dicey for you in combat. You will have to activate it in particular ways, which is essential to know before jumping into a large fight. Here’s what you need to know about how Health Burst works in God of War Ragnarok.

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What Health Burst does in God of War Ragnarok

This passive ability does exactly what it says in the name. When Health Burst has been activated, you will receive a small burst of health for your character. How you activate it may vary on the passive and equipment it is attached to in Ragnarok. For example, if you’re wearing Nidavellir’s Finest Plackart—a chest plate you can earn while exploring Svartalfheim—when you Stun Grab an enemy during combat, you receive a small Health Burst, providing a small boost of health while the ability is working.

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While Health Burst is on, you will slowly recharge your health, bringing it back up. This is a good way to utilize your Stuns in combat and give yourself some healing without relying on finding a healing stone on the ground or eliminating an enemy during an encounter. The recovery only lasts while the Health Burst is on. Once it goes away, the healing goes with it, and you will no longer regain your health. The amount of health you earn will vary on the passive attached to the Health Burst.

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We recommend having this passive if you’re going to be in encounters for an extended period or playing on a higher difficulty in Ragnarok. This is a good substitute for finding healing stones during battle and preparing to battle several waves of foes.

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