How long will Fortnite be undergoing maintenance? Answered

No need to panic.

Image via Shiina

Fortnite can often go through long periods of maintenance in anticipation of a major update. Players will not be able to log into the game until the maintenance is finished. There isn’t anything for you to do other than wait for the update to get implemented and the maintenance to end.

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How long will Fortnite be in downtime?

On October 3, Fortnite went into maintenance for the upcoming 22.10 update. The game was supposed to go into downtime at 4 AM ET on October 4, but it went down almost 11 hours earlier than expected due to a glitch. Instead, the title went into maintenance at 5 PM ET. Players will not be able to play Fortnite until the maintenance is completed. Update 22.10 launches sometime the next day, October 4, but no specific release time was revealed. Keep checking the Fortnite Status Twitter account to stay on top of the status on Fortnite.

Interestingly, the servers for Fortnite had to be taken down much earlier than expected, possibly hinting at how big of an update version 22.10 will be. Though no official end time was shared of when the game will come back, we expect the maintenance will end around the early mornings of October 4, hopefully by the time everyone wakes up. However, that’s only speculative on our part. If the game hasn’t returned by the morning, then the Fortnite Status account will keep fans updated until the game comes back online.

Fortnite is a battle royale, first-person shooter with elements of tower defense. Players can use a building mechanic to construct structures around them to protect them from enemy fire. As Fortnite remains down, players have been receiving several error messages like error code LS-0016 and the “waiting in queue” errors. There’s nothing for you to do when you see this error message, and you will just have to wait until the game comes back online.