How to Fix The Waiting In Queue Error in Fortnite

There is a huge queue for anyone who wants to play Fortnite, but there might be an error and you’ll get stuck in the queue.


Image via Epic Games

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Like most live service games, Fortnite sometimes forces players to wait in queues before being able to head into matches. However, this is mainly only the case when a new season is released. Most recently, Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Underground.

with Fortnite OG Season coming to a close with The Big Bang Event and the next Chapter beginning soon after, some fans are baffled as to why they are seeing a “waiting for queue” error that is now holding them back from entering the main menu. Here’s what the waiting in queue error code means and when you can expect it to be fixed in Fortnite.

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All “Waiting in Queue” Causes and Fixes in Fortnite

fortnite OG batte pass
Image via Epic Games

At the time of writing, December 7, 2023, the Waiting in Queue message is popping up for all players trying to get into Fortnite as the LEGO Fortnite game mode goes live. This is because there are too many players for the serves to handle at once, so queues are forming to prevent an overload.

We also had this error message when trying to get into Fortnite right at the start of Chapter 5 Season 1. The new season was so popular that server queue times went beyond an hour and a half. Some payers gave up queuing until the following day.

Mercifully, the queue time we experienced when jumping into the game after the launch of LEGO Fortnite was only five minutes. This meant we could leave the game running on our Switch while we got on with something else and eagerly waited to be let in.

The nature of LEGO Fortnite being a survival crafting game similar to Minecraft makes it look appealing to a much wider audience than Fortnite’s base gameplay. There’s even a feature for creating a world and sharing it with friends so that everyone can be a part of the same experience together. It’s counterintuitive to those used to running solo matches in battle royale mode.

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In the meantime, we recommend players on either console or PC follow the Fortnite Status Twitter account, as it typically notifies players when all hotfixes and updates go live. Additionally, Epic Games also has a dedicated Server Status page for Fortnite which indicates whether it is still undergoing maintenance and when it expects servers to be back up once more.