How long will Knockout City be free-to-play?

When will I have to pay to knockout my buds?

Image via Electronic Arts

Knockout City launched for free across all platforms just last week and it has already been quite the success. However, the launch was acting almost like a free trial, and after it was up, players were expected to purchase the game. Knockout City referred to it as the Block Party event. Now that the Block Party has ended, will players keep being able to play for free?

Players who hopped into the Block Party will now need to purchase the game to keep playing. However, while players who have already been knocking some fools out in the game will need to pay up, new players do have some good news.

Over on the game’s official Twitter account, the developers announced that new players will be able to play for free until they reach a Street Rank of 25. After the level is reached, they will need to purchase the game. Since the game has gained quite a bit of notoriety, this is the perfect way for players to ask their buddies to give it a try before purchasing.

However, if you are a member of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, then you are in luck because the game is offered through EA Play, which is offered as part of your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.