How many chapters are there in As Dusk Falls? Full chapter list

There aren’t too many.

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As Dusk Falls tells the tale of two families whose lives become intertwined with one another following a traumatic incident in the 90s. Following both the Holt and Walker families, the game is an interactive drama that explores the impact of long-lasting trauma, and also allows you to guide its story with your choices. But how many chapters are in this story spanning multiple decades?

All Six Chapters in As Dusk Falls

Despite the large stretch of time over which it takes place, As Dusk Falls is only comprised of six chapters. Furthermore, these six chapters are divided into two books: Collision and Expansion. We’ve listed all of the game’s chapters below.

  • Book 1: Collision
    • Desert Dream
    • Economics 101
    • Small Seconds
  • Book 2: Expansion
    • Shimá
    • Paradise Found
    • Cascade

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Each chapter only takes about an hour to get through, making As Dusk Falls a pretty short game. However, due to its branching narrative, it’s also a pretty replayable one. If you’re curious to see how a chapter you’ve already played could unfold, you can select “Explore Story Tree” when choosing to replay a chapter to view a flowchart of your possible choices. The flowchart doesn’t exactly tell you what outcomes your new choices will result in, but it does indicate roughly where in the level you might unlock a new route.

On its surface, As Dusk Falls seems to bear a resemblance to games like Heavy Rain or Detroit: Become Human — and for good reason. The developer behind As Dusk Falls, Interior/Night, is headed by Caroline Marchal, a former Quantic Dream employee who was the lead game designer on both Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human