How Perfect Attacks work in Gotham Knights

Make sure to hit your attacks perfectly.

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There are a handful of attacks you can use in Gotham Knights. A good way to land a solid hit against your opponent is to land a Perfect Attack, and you might also be asked to do this for bonus challenges when attempting to stop a crime. You’ll want to complete these if you’re looking to obtain additional rewards and resources for your crafting materials. This guide covers how to perform Perfect Attacks in Gotham Knights.

How to do a Perfect Attack in Gotham Knights

The only way to perform a Perfect Attack against an opponent in Gotham Knights is to do it immediately after you do a Perfect Dodge. However, there’s a specific time you can do a Perfect Dodge. This will only occur if you dodge right as an enemy is about to hit you. This is indicated by the white or red hit icon, and it becomes spikey, showing it’s about to land and hit your character. When you see the icon become spikey, you want to hit the dodge button to move out of the way, preventing your character from taking any damage.

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The only difference between the white and red icons thrown by enemies indicates an armored attack. When an enemy uses an armored attack, you won’t be able to hit them out of it unless you use a Piercing Ability. If an enemy throws a standard attack with a white icon, you can interrupt it by hitting them. Again, for a Perfect Attack, you need to make sure you perform a Perfect Dodge and immediately follow up with a melee attack, which will do extra damage.

You will likely want to complete Perfect Attacks to earn bonus materials while playing the game, and it never hurts to do more damage to your enemies.