How Eureka Orthos Deep Dungeon works in Final Fantasy XIV

How to navigate this maze.

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Eureka Orthos is an ever-changing dungeon in patch 6.35 of Final Fantasy XIV, whose architecture differs each time players enter the facility. All players will begin at level 81, and only by fighting the enemies within will they be able to gain the strength and experience needed to reach this deep dungeon’s lower depths. Let’s break down just how Eureka Orthos works in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where to find the Eureka Orthos Deep Dungeon in FFXIV

You can dive into Eureka Orthos on any battle job level 81 or above by speaking with Khatun in Mor Dhona (X:34.8 Y:19.2) after unlocking it via the Delve into Myth quest chain. Players can enter by themselves or as a party of up to four players. You can also choose to save your progress and return later where you last left off. Once you clear to floor 30, you will have the option to start from floor 1 to floor 21 when creating a new save file.

Remember that your progress in previous Deep Dungeons does not affect Eureka Orthos. You must start fresh and regain your strength here.

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How to complete Eureka Orthos in FFXIV

The goal of Eureka Orthos is to grow in strength as you dive down from floor to floor, eventually gaining enough levels and power to overcome the facility. Your level inside the Deep Dungeon is not directly related to your level outside of the dungeon. Gear also does not matter, as you will automatically be equipped with Orthos Aetherpool Gear, which is unique to the dungeon and can be powered up via looting chests and progressing through Eureka Orthos.

Floors up to 30 are related to the story of Eureka Orthos, so floors beyond it cannot be randomly queued into for a matched party. If you die at any point in the run, you return to the start of the Deep Dungeon, correlating with the highest floor cleared in multiples of ten (i.e., if you die on 21, you will go back to 20).

Players will loot treasure chests as they go to help grant buffs or navigate the dungeon in the form of Protomanders. You can hold up to three of each at any time between the party. There are new ones to find in Eureka Orthos not available in other Deep Dungeons. These can be useful to deal with the different traps spread around the floors.

What are Demiclones in Final Fantasy XIV?

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New to Eureka Orthos is the use of Demiclones. You can occasionally obtain tomestones from treasure coffers that can be used to generate Demiclones. These items can be used by all party members once acquired, and up to three tomestones can be held at once between the party. Tomestones cannot be taken outside of Eureka Orthos. When in a matched party, they cannot be used after the completion of a set of floors. Demiclones will follow and fight alongside the player who generated them. Each demiclone has unique strengths, so choose carefully to turn the tides in your favor.

Dread Beasts in FFXIV’s Eureka Orthos

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Players will be able to take on the strength of dread beasts by defeating them within Eureka orthos. These temporary buffs turn the player into the creature and allow for new abilities with major benefits.

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Rewards from Eureka Orthos in Final Fantasy XIV

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Discovering Accursed Hoard treasure chests in Eureka Orthos will allow the player to obtain it and bring it to Valeroine in Mor Dhona (X:34.9 Y:19.1) to have it appraised and discover what lies within. Most of the time, you will earn tomestones, experience, and gil, but there are also rare rewards that can come from caches found in the higher floors of the Deep Dungeon.

Any cache turned in from floors 30 or above will also grant an Orthos Aetherpool Fragment. This can be traded to the Synthesis Node In Mor Dhona, who will eventually help you obtain an Orthos Aetherpool Weapon to use outside the Eureka Orthos dungeon.