Naoki Yoshida hints at Final Fantasy XIV crossover event with Final Fantasy XVI via cheeky interview response

Yoshi-P, meet Yoshi-P.

Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy XVI game director Naoki Yoshida is letting fans know that a Final Fantasy XVI crossover event with the studio’s popular Final Fantasy XIV MMO is likely via the most humorous way. FFXIV is no stranger to collaborations with other titles in the franchise. They often do an event featuring Noctis from Final Fantasy XV, and have introduced clothing glamours from both FFVII and FFX. When asked about a collaboration with Final Fantasy XVI, Yoshida was extremely cheeky in his response, saying he would have to discuss the idea with Final Fantasy XIV’s producer.

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What makes this completely hilarious is the fact that Naoki Yoshida is also the one in charge of Final Fantasy XIV. Basically, he would have to confirm with himself that it was okay to do a crossover with the upcoming single player title. During the interview with Hong Kong News, Yoshi-P fulfilled a popular meme within the community by confirming that it is up to him and him alone whether the collaboration happens.

The fact that the producer is in charge of both titles basically guarantees that there will be a collaboration event between the two games in Final Fantasy XIV, especially because the fan demand is high. Final Fantasy XVI utilizes a lot of inspiration from the popular MMO, including the Eikon appearances, battle fonts, and other constants from the long-running series.

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Final Fantasy XVI launches in June, and a crossover event would likely happen in Final Fantasy XIV soon after. It is unknown what the possible rewards would be, but the expectations are high seeing as how the collaboration with Final Fantasy XV rewarded a literal flying car.