How the Slide Kick works in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Knock them out of the way.

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Sliding around in Fortnite is always a good strategy, especially if you need to conserve your energy and ensure you don’t use up your sprint to escape the edge of a Storm. Now, for Chapter 3 Season 4, your sliding has more of a kick, allowing you to knock an opponent away. Here’s what you need to know about how a Slide Kick works in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4.

What does Slide Kicking do in Fortnite?

A Slide Kick is similar to the previous sliding animation you would do in Fortnite. When you want to slide, ensure your character is sprinting and hit the Crouch button mid-way through the sprint. When you crouch down, your character will go low to the ground and begin sliding. If they’re going down a hill, they can get excellent speed. The slide will continue until you stop running, or the momentum doesn’t allow your character to go any further. While dashing, you do not consume any of your sprint energy, which means when you’ve finished dashing, you can continue forward in a full sprint.

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When you want to perform a Slide Kick on an opponent, you must perform a sprint towards them and then slide at the last second. If your slide hits an opponent, this will knock them back, creating a good amount of distance between you. It’s a good way to ensure your opponent has a disadvantage against you in combat, and it might be a jarring enough effect against them to get you win a shootout against them, or your teammates can take them out better.

Landing a Slide Kick will be tricky. Hitting your opponent at the right time of a slide to knock them away can take practice. You might want to use a close-range weapon while you do this, such as a shotgun or a submachine, to make sure you can take advantage of the range.