How the Starter Kit works in Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy

A new kit to start the game with.

Apex Legends Legacy Starter Kit

Image via Respawn

It was a long-time coming with how many Limited-Time Modes and Takeovers toyed with the idea, but now it’s official. Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy has added a Starter Kit of gear and consumables that every player will spawn with. Gone are the days of the four-punch kill, gone are the scrambles for a body shield — everyone enters the ring with at least a bit of a fighting chance. That said, you’re still going to need to grab a gun ASAP.

All Starter Kit Items

  • Level 1 Helmet
  • Level 1 Evo Shield
  • Level 1 Knockdown Shield
  • 2 Shield Cells
  • 2 Syringes

The Starter Kit is basically a slightly downgraded version of the kit players spawn with during the Locked and Loaded Takeover. The only difference between the two kits is that this Start Kit has no weapon or backpack. With the addition of the Starter Kit, Level 1 Helmets and Knockdown Shields have permanently been removed from Loot Pool. Level 1 Evo Shields, however, are still there for shield swapping.

No changes have been made to the backpack in any way, and no Loot Pool changes have been made to the Shield Cell or Syringe. With these changes, due to consumables taking up two of the slots, players will only have eight free spots in their inventory at match start. Plan your item organization wisely.