How to be kind to your mother in BitLife

Be respectful to your mother.

Image via Candywriter

There are numerous challenges you can complete in BitLife each week. These new challenges have you trying to follow certain steps with a limited amount of time to complete them. When you finish them all before time runs out, you’ll receive an appearance item you can use on any character attached to your profile. For the Mother’s Day challenge, there’s a task where you to be kind to your mother.

It’s a simple task to complete. No, you do not have to give your mother a fancy gift or pay them a compliment. All you have to do for this task is spend with them once, and then the task on top of the challenge is finished. That’s all you have to do to finish it. You can complete it once your character becomes age six, and they can communicate their emotions. We recommend doing this as early as possible to get it out of the way.

We also recommend not doing any inappropriate or rude to your mother for the duration of this challenge. We have not experimented with doing anything mean after you’ve done something nice and spent time with them, but you’re better off avoiding this to complete the Mother’s Day challenge.