How to beat Puffton Family in Sons of the Forest

Time for a new boss fight.

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Sons of the Forest will have you going through multiple caves and bunkers in search of items that will help you progress through the story. But while exploring them, you’ll also run into different enemies, including the Puffton Family. You’ll encounter them as a part of a mid-game boss fight, and they can be a little difficult to defeat. In this guide, we will look at how to beat Puffton Family in Sons of the Forest.

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How to find the Puffton Family in Sons of the Forest

To trigger the boss fight, you need to first acquire the Maintenance Keycard. Without it, you won’t be able to access the bunker where the fight takes place. After acquiring the keycard, you need to make your way into the Food and Dining bunker. This bunker can be easily found, as it is one of the green dots on the northwestern side map. Once there, enter the cave and keep going forward until you find the entrance to the bunker. Go through it, and find a locked door inside the room. You can use the Maintenance Keycard to unlock it.

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Once inside, keep going forward until you reach a water-filled corridor. Go to the end of the corridor and enter the room on your left. Make your way into the security room and grab the VIP Keycard. Then, go back to the corridor, and proceed to the locked door in front of you. Use the VIP Keycard to unlock it, and you will then gain access to the Dining Hall. After you wander around for a few seconds, Edward Puffton and Barbara Puffton will break through the window and enter the hall.

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How to defeat the Puffton Family in Sons of the Forest

Out of the two, Barbara is the one you need to watch out for, as she can crawl like the mutants and can reach you quickly. Edward, on the other hand, is not that quick, but his attacks can still deplete plenty of your health. We recommend that instead of using melee weapons, use the Pistol or Shotgun against them. Firearms will allow you to deal damage while staying at a safe distance. Furthermore, it would be best if you took down Edward first so you can focus on Barbara without worrying about another threat wandering around.

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Throughout the fight, you need to focus on landing headshots, as this is the quickest way of eliminating both of them. It is also recommended that you keep some healing items, like Meds in your inventory before entering the bunker. If they land a single hit on your character, you will be put in a tight spot. After you’ve managed to kill the Puffton Family in Sons of the Forest, go near their corpses and loot the Creepy Armor from them.