How to find the food and dining bunker in Sons of the Forest

You’ll never run out of food again.

Image via Endnight Games

Sons of the Forest has plenty of bunkers for you to visit, which are either buried underground or found inside caves. One of the more important ones is the food and dining bunker, which belongs to the latter group, making it tough to find. Fortunately, we know the exact location and will point you in the right direction below.

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Where to find the food and dining bunker in Sons of the Forest

Before heading into the bunker, you need to first get the Maintenance Keycard. Without it, you won’t be able to explore it properly. Furthermore, the bunker has some baby mutants lurking around, so make sure you have a few powerful weapons, like the Katana or the Pistol, in your inventory.

After acquiring the Maintenance Keycard, make your way to the location seen in the image below. Then, enter the cave, and keep going down. As it is pretty dark inside the cave, you should use the Flashlight or Torch to improve visibility. When you reach the end of the cave, you’ll find the entrance to the food and dining bunker.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Anyone can access the first room of the bunker as it does not require any keycard. You can find plenty of food items in this room, so grab whatever you can. There are also Crossbow Bolts on the ground. After you’re done with looting, use the Maintenance Keycard to unlock the door on the right. Make your way through the hydroponics facility by eliminating the baby mutants and you’ll get access to the room. This is where you’ll find the VIP Keycard, which you can use to access the dining hall. You can explore the hall to pick up a dress for Virginia along with the Crossbow.