How to become a plumber in Bitlife

Never forget your wrench.

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The life of a plumber is not for everyone, but in BitLife, your character can make a good amount of money by choosing this line of work. It doesn’t require too many resources to acquire, and you’re likely trying to do it for the Dirty Jobs Challenge or one of the other challenges the BitLife developers have created. Regardless, finding this job is not always going to be easy. Here’s what you need to know about how to become a plumber in BitLife.

How to get the plumber job in BitLife

Many of the jobs listed in BitLife come down to making sure they appear for you. If this job doesn’t appear on the available list under occupation, you will need to shut down the BitLife game, refresh it, and power it back up. The jobs under occupations appear randomly each time your character looks for every year. Rather than waiting for the new jobs to appear next year, you can refresh the game and keep your character from growing too old.

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Becoming a plumber will not require additional education when you want to apply for the job. Your character must be 18 years old to apply, and they can do so at any time. You won’t be able to become a professional plumber immediately. Instead, you need to find the Apprentice Plumber job and work your way up through the career. It shouldn’t take long, especially if you become friends with your co-workers and work with them on the multiple projects available to you. In addition, make sure to do the Work Harder option whenever you have the chance.

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Eventually, your character will become a plumber, and you can remain in this role for as long as you want to have it.