How to become a roadkill remover in BitLife

Someone needs to clean up the road.

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There are multiple jobs you can choose to have throughout your time playing BitLife. You can have your character begin at the start of a career and find themselves at the top of the world. Alternatively, you can go through simpler jobs, such as becoming a roadkill remover. You may want to go with this job if you’re attempting to complete the Dirty Jobs Challenge or another challenge presented by the BitLife team. Here’s what you need to know about how to become a roadkill remover in BitLife.

How to get the roadkill remover job in BitLife

Like many jobs, your character will need to wait until they reach at least 18 years old. They will want to work their way through high school, but they won’t need to go through college, not for this occupation. Several jobs require some degree from a university, but you won’t need one as a roadkill remover. So long as your character has a high enough Smart skill, they should be able to accept and have this job whenever they apply for it.

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The problem with finding and applying for the role comes down to finding the job as an available choice. It will be underneath the Occupation tab in full-time jobs. However, if you don’t see it as an offered job, you can only close down the BitLife application, refresh it, and look again. There will be a full list of new jobs for you to grab, but roadkill remover might not be there. Unfortunately, it all comes down to luck for this job to appear. Although refreshing BitLife takes a bit of time, this is better than having your character constantly aging up for the job to appear on the menu.